Handmade wooden board by the American company Jarvis

jarvis design surf idea modern boards

This wooden design board was designed and manufactured by the American craft company Jarvis , based on Austin.

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Made by hand, its beautiful, authentic design will immediately fascinate surf lovers. It is very durable, made to last and manufactured with respec t for the environment.

Handmade fascinating wooden design board by Jarvis

modern jarvis wood design board

Designed to be lightweight and functional, the beautiful Jarvis boards are handmade by company founder Tony Smith, using mainly sustainably harvested recycled wood and even leather. It is currently on sale online on the company's website. You have to order three weeks in advance!

The board on both sides

wooden board design jarvis modern idea

Aesthetic detail

wooden board design modern surf detail

Enjoy this beautiful board with your family, with your friends or your pet!

wooden boards jarvis design surf idea

Drawing for a custom look

jarvis board design modern surf wood

Its design is very original

boards wood board wood design jarvis modern

Tony Smith with his dog

surf boards design jarvis american company

Jarvis Boards: for the classy surfers!

surfboards design wood jarvis

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