Hanging and floating cabinet: modern design ideas by Lago

floating beds bedroom furniture

Choose your hanging or floating furniture with this modern collection of the brand Lago and its design models for all the rooms of the interior! The collection of images that we reveal to you in this publication is dedicated to the furniture created by an Italian team, founded in the 19th century by Policarpo Lago.

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Minimalist design wall cabinet: design shelf by Lago

furniture hanging shelf living room

Artisan working in the region of Venice, he decorated the villas of the nobles and churches of this part of the country. His small business was at the origin of the Lago brand, which was transformed during the following years to start making furniture for the decoration of the living room and the bedroom. It has become today a remarkable player on the European and world market.

Italian design wall cabinet: a dining table that floats in the air

photo hanging furniture deco design lago

Remaining still ruled by the Lago family, the Italian company nowadays has stores in several major European cities, such as Rome, Milan, London, Paris, Madrid and Berlin. She is also the employer of a team of 170 people and works in partnership with many stores around the world.

Floating sofa and armchair in gray for modern living room

hanging furniture lago living room design

Rooted in tradition and Italian aesthetics, the brand's goal is to invent and produce pieces of furniture that are not only innovative but that embody trend ideas and a dynamic lifestyle and modern.

Minimalist Style Hanging Shelf for Workplace or Office Corner by Lago

floating furniture idea interior design

Lago's furniture is original and modern, while bearing the unmistakable mark of Italian elegance. Inspired by the current interiors, the brand is working on modular furniture and invites its customers to live in harmony with their furniture, inventing new ways of using, arranging and personalizing them.

Suspended corner sofa for a modern decor

corner sofa furniture floating

Lago offers a very rich collection of hanging furniture modern style that are intended for the decoration of different rooms of the house. We reveal it to you with a series of photos that show the main innovations of the Italian brand.

Hanging bathroom cabinet: Zen modern decor

idea bathroom suspended furniture

As our readers already know, the hanging furniture is characterized by the absence of feet or other types of supports, which gives the impression that these furniture float in the air. In recent years, this kind of furniture has become extremely popular. It is mainly used to decorate modern and minimalist interiors.

Hanging cabinet: modern and innovative design of Italian elegance

design table furniture lago

The secret of the success of floating furniture is that they allow us to save space without having to make special efforts. The minimalist design, obtained thanks to the absence of supports and to the clean forms of the furniture, produces a sensation of spaciosity and lightness.

Lago Collection for living room decor: modern furniture that gives an impression of spaciousness

living room idea of ​​floating furniture

This effect can be reinforced by choosing pieces of furniture that are smaller than the wall against which they are placed. Since, according to recent research, the size of housing in Europe and elsewhere tends to decrease, it is easy to understand why furniture is becoming increasingly trendy from one year to the next.

Hanging bookcase for small space interiors

suspended storage modern furnishings

Taking this trend into account, Lago's designers strive to create furniture that allows everyone to visually increase space in a small apartment or even in a studio. The original library on the image above is an indisputable proof.

Floating bed for modern design bedroom by Lago

Italian design double bed

Hanging furniture also has another advantage: it facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the pieces they adorn. The lack of supports plays an important role here again. The floating design means that you can easily reach every corner of the room, without having to go around obstacles related to the feet of the furniture.

Bedroom decorating idea with Lago furniture

modern design furniture room

The areas below our wardrobes and beds are no longer a problem, even for the elderly. When we talk about modern furniture, we also think about the comfort and the way in which these pieces of furniture make life easier for us. And what's better than elegant models that also facilitate our chores?

Suspended furniture system by Lago and original nursery decoration idea

lago floating cabinet design bedroom

The lightened design of the floating furniture is also practical for children's rooms and babies. There, it gives you more security and tranquility, because the lack of decorative elements and ornaments on the furniture reduces the risk of injury for the smallest members of your family!

Hanging and trendy furniture for Italian style decoration

suspended shelving

What are the advantages of hanging Lago furniture compared to other designers? For starters, as we can see in our photos, Lago offers a modern and minimalist design that is not devoid of colors.

Central island of floating style kitchen in yellow and white

island hanging kitchen deco

In the past, we used to associate the modern style with a palette of neutral shades and, in particular, with white and black. The Italian brand has therefore focused its innovative efforts on a different approach: the creation of trendy furniture rich in colors.

Hanging storage for bedroom or living room of minimalist design

living room bookcases

Hanging furniture, in color, it means many more possibilities of choice and personalized decoration. With Lago, these possibilities come in the rhythm of bright or dark shades, according to your personal taste and, of course, according to the most suitable nuances for the different rooms of the house.

Yellow hanging cabinet for a happy atmosphere kitchen

kitchen design lago

In our recent articles, we have talked a lot about the use of colors in different rooms of the house. And this is no coincidence: the latest trends in the world of design are precisely in the direction of employment of more nuances in the interior spaces.

Decorative bathroom idea with vanity unit in blue

floating furniture deco bathroom

If you want to decorate your kitchen with modern furniture in yellow or introduce some blue shades into your bathroom, Lago's solutions are there to help you. So do not confine yourself more to the choices of mural painting, dare also one of these pieces of furniture in original tones!

Space saving furniture in blue and green colors for modern bathroom

ideas hanging furniture modern bathroom

Another interesting innovation brought by Lago is the adaptation of suspended furniture to different rooms in the house. In general, floating furniture is nowadays a popular solution for living room decoration, especially with the suspended TV cabinet or with floating wall shelves.

Small floating furniture for Zen bathroom decor

modern deco bathroom design

They are also often present in our bathrooms (with sink or column-type furniture, for example). The rich collection of Lago offers many solutions for these areas. But the Italian company is also increasing the range of models available for other parts.

Kitchen design with floating furniture with design by Lago

furniture ideas kitchen decoration lago

Thus, for example, Lago offers a beautiful collection of kitchen furniture, very rich in colors. The design of this furniture is designed to meet the most common forms of cooking: kitchen with island, linear kitchen or corner (sometimes also called kitchen L).

Minimalist style hanging storage in white color

ideas storage italian design hanging

A modern, practical and colorful decor, what better way to prepare your meals in a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere? Of course, designers at Lago have also thought of those who love the classic beauty of the white kitchen: the brand also offers models in neutral shades, like the one on the picture above.

Idea of ​​floating furniture and separation of modern style room

photo lago furniture modern kitchens

Speaking of innovations, let's not forget to mention another notable idea developed by Lago: the light room separation furniture, like the one on the picture above. A beautiful solution that delineates the spaces without blocking the light and the visual field!

Modern bedroom decor with hanging bed and floating bookcase

image furniture hanging decoration bedroom

In addition, thanks to Lago, we can now arrange our bedrooms and our walk-in wardrobes with furniture floating in the air! The Fluttua type beds, available in two shapes, rectangular and round, give us the opportunity to dream in all lightness.

modern furniture design cabinet

Cabinets and modular parts for your home offer similar possibilities. With these pieces of furniture, which largely benefit from the alternatives brought by transparent materials, your clothes will be really exposed as objects of art!

System of suspended solutions for modern dressing

Italian dressing room layout

With the creative solutions of Lago designers, the chic and modern dressing room is no longer reserved for those who have a large storage area. Hanging furniture allows you to save space to store and locate all your accessories!

Design deco with hanging furniture for living room

modern sofa living room italian design

As you can see, the Lago brand furniture is innovative and aesthetic, perfect for a modern and personalized decoration of interiors of all sizes. A perfect opportunity to select some models of additional hanging furniture to revamp your home!

Modern hanging furniture by Lago for an interior full of lightness

lago furniture interior modern deco

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