Hanging desk: beautiful examples of practical small furniture

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The suspended desk is a small piece of furniture that is, in fact, a very good solution for the layout of several spaces in the contemporary house. Designed to occupy little space, this type of table is characterized by the fact that it has no feet and is directly attached to the wall.

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It can be installed in any kind of space to house a modern computer, to be used as a work place at home and to become an office in a child's room or in a small studio.

Suspended desk and work area with computer and piano keyboard

small office furniture contemporary design

While it has all the advantages of a compact furniture and easy to arrange even by a non-specialist, the suspended office also has a significant disadvantage: the lack of integrated storage. As opposed to other models of work tables that are accompanied by drawers and sometimes even shelves, such as the desk or the secretary, this piece of furniture is almost always private. This is a disadvantage that must be taken into account if you decide to acquire such an office.

Hanging desk in white with wall shelves of the same color

white office furniture modern

Fortunately, this is not really a problem because we can easily remedy the slight inconvenience that was mentioned at the moment, or at least we can find other types of solutions and thus focus just on the strengths of the suspended office: between the hanging shelves to install above the table, the box furniture, the storage chests and drawers sold separately, it is decidedly spoiled for choice! And since all of these items can be purchased separately, it's up to you to judge based on your budget and the mood you want to create around your suspended desk.

DIY suspended desk and furniture saving space by Tatertots And Jello

hanging desk furniture small space

One of the great assets of the suspended office is that it easily finds its place in small niches that exist in your home and that you can imagine them. So, you could have an office in a place where it was simply unthinkable to be able to set up a traditional office.

Photo of small modern office with hanging storage cabinet

small offices modern style

Another great asset is that such an office, it is always a question of the suspended office, can easily serve its primary function, that is to say simply serve as an inkstand. What we mean by this is that very often, when you have a real office, big and practical, it becomes, with time, so cluttered with objects and things, that in fact, it is turns into a tote. The time to put it away and the urgent need to use it to do something important, even mandatory, quickly becomes a very heavy burden that we no longer want to deal with. In this way, the classic office takes the role of wardrobe, in a way, and we quickly find an alternative to him by starting to use the dining table to finish the job that we are supposed to do and for which, a simple board would have was more than enough because it would have done!

Small design desk and bedroom decor

small office room decoration design

The suspended desk has a third advantage: it can serve as a small shelf on which you can put his alarm clock. So, if you do not have bedside tables on both sides of the bed, you can easily put away your book and put your laptop or watch with alarm on the small furniture. Moreover, it can be installed near the bed and this way, it will have a dual function, which gives it its fourth asset!

Mini desk hanging in white

mini white design desk

Here are the rest of our selection of models of worktables of this type and furniture ideas that could accompany them. Among the models, you will see a suspended desk that will be installed under a television screen that is also a computer screen. Who says computer monitor, says keyboard and mouse. Then, the suspended desk that will be placed there, can be used as a keyboard and mouse pose when you sit down to do your work.

Example of a mini black desk and work area at home

home office corner table

Another model is the one shown on the next picture, namely the radiator cover that also serves as office. This is obviously not a classic radiator cover, but a long board that performs well its aesthetic function and, indeed, somehow hides the radiator, but which, above all, is large enough to accommodate any the one or all who wants to finish his job sitting.

Furniture for children's room: small office

small children's room furniture

Hanging wooden desk cabinet

modern office furniture

When your room is really small, you can work on your drawers where you store your laundry. So, you will not spend a lot of money to get a dresser and you will not have to think about buying a classic desk! This solution is, indeed, extremely clever! There are, of course, many other tips for saving money and gain space , just continue to inspire you with our articles rich in examples and solutions! But before you let us take a look at our selection, take the time to observe the new office tables (the last three photos), excellent to work, smart and modern! Thank you for your attention and for the interest you have shown in this article!

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