Hanging Gardens - 55 original ideas and useful tips

the hanging gardens design wood

Who says you need to have a big garden to have lots of plants and flowers? The hanging gardens , still called vertical gardens, do not require much space and can be arranged in different styles depending on your personal needs.

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There are many DIY ideas for vertical gardens that are easy to create and maintain. So you can make your garden vertical on your balcony, terrace, kitchen or in your small backyard. Here are 55 original and creative ideas that will inspire you to create a garden hanging outside or inside:

Hanging gardens as an outdoor decoration

garden decoration hanging flower pots design

But how can we do the hanging gardens at home ? You can start by looking for tin cans in your kitchen and a wooden rack. Then tie at least 8 or 9 tins on this support by distributing them well. All you have left is to choose the plants for your vertical garden and plant them in the boxes. You can even create a 3D garden with moss and ferns. To do this, you need to attach a large wooden frame to a wall and plant some moss and ferns inside. The result will be a beautiful combination of light green and darker. This type of garden can be arranged on a small balcony or on the wall of the entrance.

The hanging gardens are perfect for outdoor decoration

hanging gardens modern wood design

If you want to decorate one of the walls of your outdoor space, take a thick cloth and hang it on your garden fence in the shape of pockets like the kangaroo pocket. Then you just have to plant the desired species or flowers. If you have free space on your walls inside or outside, you can easily fill this void with a hanging garden. Use the material of your choice to create small baskets filled with flowers and plants.

R-shaped hanging garden

R-shaped hanging gardens

Group planting is another idea for those who love hanging gardens. You will have, in this way, a beautiful landscape of various green plants on your walls. This type of garden is perfect for a remote corner of your garden where you can then place a bench or chair and turn it into a relaxation area.

Hanging gardens to decorate the outside

the hanging gardens design wood

If you have lots of empty water bottles or soda, you can use them to create your vertical garden. You must tie them together with a wire on the chosen wall and make holes in the center to plant the desired plants. There are also pots specially designed for vertical gardening that you can use to make your garden hanging.

Hanging garden outdoor decoration

hanging gardens DIY wood pallets

The hanging garden is the way to green a roof, a facade, terrace or balcony while creating a natural environment. Before starting your vertical garden, you must think carefully about its design. When choosing your plants, take into account the living conditions in which your plants will grow. But also the climate of the place - the temperatures and the risks of catch of wind.

Hanging gardens DIY

the hanging gardens diy

The more the climate is not in your favor, the more you have to pay attention to how you are going to make your vertical garden. Finally, when you have everything in mind, we must think of the substrate used. Overall, the one that is used the most is compost, moss or peat moss.

Hanging gardens as an outdoor decoration

the hanging gardens outdoor decoration

Why start hanging gardens?

The answer is simple - it's a real win-place! When you do not have enough space, you naturally choose to climb your plants to the wall or any space that allows you to do this. We simply need water, a minimum of light and envy.

Hanging gardens tin cans

hanging gardens tin cans

To succeed in your vertical garden, you can use any container that can hold flowers. It's up to you to be imaginative! It is possible to use bottles, pots, boxes, crates or you can simply opt for climbing plants.

Decorative frame with vegetable garden inside

the hanging gardens deco frame

What do you think of this very original idea? Indeed, you can create your garden suspended a true work of art. Just realize your little green paradise within the limits of this frame.

3D suspended garden

the 3D hanging gardens

The easiest way to make your hanging garden is to use creeping plants. These plants are on the one hand, inexpensive. And on the other hand easy to maintain. Many of them do not require much light and are very moisture-resistant. They grow quickly and easily and are ideal for both a plant wall and a pergola.

Garden hanging on wooden wall

the hanging gardens deco exterieure

Like any other garden, this one needs maintenance. The plants need to be watered regularly. In addition, they must be cleaned. For this, we must remove leaves and faded plants, to let them grow again and make room for others. Know that the dust that can be found on the leaves blocks the breathing of plants. So do not forget to take care of it regularly.

Hanging garden idea design

the hanging gardens outdoor decoration

Check the structure of your vertical garden regularly. Make sure it keeps its starting form and retouch it if needed. Make sure it is strong enough to hold, because over time the plants get heavier.

Hanging garden with green plants

the hanging gardens original idea

If among the hanging gardens, you have opted for a green wall, it is necessary to take into account certain characteristics. Like all plants, this one needs water. We advise you to use an irrigation system to make your job easier. Otherwise, think of a water spray that will take you much longer and it is more difficult when your plant wall is high.

Hanging gardens with plants "girls of the air"

the gardens hanging wood wall

Make sure dominant plants do not trample on others. If so, separate them. As with all plants, get rid of dead leaves. Never mix sun loving plants with those that prefer shade. This is likely to be fatal.

Wall decoration with green wall

how to create a hanging garden

Finally, what plants to use for hanging gardens?

As already mentioned, everything depends on the climate and the humidity. Among the most popular flowers are ivory geraniums and drooping petunias. You can also bet on blue lobelia, bidens, scaevolia, but also osteospermum. Among the decorative plants you can find ivy or ipomée tricolor.

Outdoor decoration with DIY green walls

deco space outdoor garden vertical

Interior decoration with design green wall

interior garden decoration suspended

Green walls of different styles

vegetal wall decoration design

Large green walls design

interior deco idea wall vegetalise

Creative idea for hanging garden with plants

hanging gardens creative idea

hanging gardens interior wall

garden hanging boxes flower pots

garden hanging deco DIY

hanging garden design pockets fabric

hanging garden DIY empty bottles

hanging garden DIY wooden pallets

hanging garden DIY pockets fabric

garden hanging outside wall

Hanging Garden Idea Creatives Herbs

garden hanging vegetables idea

garden wall hanging outdoor decoration

garden hanging pots wood flowers

garden hanging flower pots

hanging garden system scale

vertical garden kitchen deco

vertical garden original design

veritable garden vegetalizes large

vertical garden wall wood

vertical garden pallet wood idea

vertical garden green plants

the hanging gardens original design

hanging gardens ideas

the hanging gardens inside

the hanging gardens exterior wall

vegetable wall deco outdoor

vegetal wall design wood

plant interior wall plants

wall vegetalizes wood design

wall vegetalizes interior design

wall vegetalizes original design

wall vegetable DIY

green wall interior design

plant wall succulent plants

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