Headboard idea: a decorative and practical element


Nowadays, the headboard is seen as a rather aesthetic function element. This is an additional element that can highlight the bed and the interior of your room.

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Indeed, formerly it served a practical purpose: to isolate cold! Discover our gallery of more than fifty examples of idea bedhead original: decorative, aesthetic, practical ... it's up to you!

Headboard idea in black and white

idea headboard black and white bedroom furniture bedside table wood yellow

In the Middle Ages, houses did not have central heating. The old construction techniques did not allow to isolate well cold. That's when the headboard comes in! To sleep better, we must have a pleasant temperature for our body. The authentic headboard was made of wood. Compared to stone and brick, it is the less conductive material. The headboard has a strong presence in the history of design in France. At the time it was a symbol of power and luxury. It quickly became an important part in the design and decoration of the inside from the room.

Decorative headboard idea

deco headboard bedroom bed low white table

The headboard is today an element present in many interiors. Choosing your headboard is not always easy. The first question to ask is: do I need a headboard to insulate cold or to decorate? Then, the interior design of your bedroom will determine the style, shape, color, patterns of your headboard. We advise you to think carefully about the theme of your room and the desired style: exotic, natural, vintage and others. If you do not want to spend too much money, it's easy to tinker with at home. If you want to decorate, then improvise! Everything can become a headboard: painting, composition of frames, pretty fabric or scarf. To make one to isolate from the cold, the pallets can serve you very well.

Modern headboard idea

headboard modern composition deco idea original black

Another practical side of the headboard is the fact that it can be used for storing books and other items. A shelf can easily be transformed into a large headboard with multiple utilities. Discover our many proposals and find yours!

Two ideas of headboards

headboard idea original design table cushion colorful curtain white

Headboards in dark colors

neutral color bedroom interior idea headboard wood cushion original plant

Headboards arts

headboard artistic decorating idea bedroom

Headboard in original metal

idea headboard modern metal cushion fixture hanging design

Pretty original headboards

headboard black and white headboard white leather lamp idea modern art

Royal Headboard and Artistic Headboard

modern kitsch shabby chic bedroom decor

Two easy ideas

idea headboard drawing wall wallpaper curtain

Two aesthetic ideas

headboards idea bedroom deco modern style

The headboard can serve you for some storage

headboard design storage cabinet

bedroom headboard gold leather design curtain white

modern design bedroom headboard decoration

black headboard composition frame black white lamp

classic headboard idea bedroom layout

idea headboard wood fabric design

blue headboard lamp hanging design wall deco cushion

headboard leather design white interior design

idea headboard wooden bedroom decor

deco bedroom headboard

manufacture headboard idea picture frame

headboard original bedroom idea decoration wall

room decoration deco headboard

arrangement headboard idea bedroom lamp design

bedroom idea headboard deco lace mirror wall

bedroom white headboard deco

wall deco headboard bedroom

decorate bedroom deco headboard

headboard bedroom original artistic modern

deco bedroom headboard cushion decoration

child's bedroom idea headboard

arrangement bedroom idea deco headboard black plush cushion low wooden table

deco bedroom headboard black and white cushion yellow lamp

deco bedroom headboard table composition bed

decoration bedroom headboard cushion pink purple design

original vintage headboard design cushion palm

headboard idea decorating room drawing frame bed cushions lamp bench panel

headboard drawing frame cushion curtain plant table

artistic touch black dress drawing pink sofa lamp floor mat

bedroom deco headboard

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