Headboard wallpaper, wood or quilted: which to choose?

headboard wallpaper bedroom idea deco bed quilted

The headboard wallpaper , wooden or quilted is an ideal solution to decorate the room and highlight the bed. If you want it to be so practical, it is possible to opt for a wooden headboard, quilted or other and then decorate it with wallpaper.

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You can also put wallpaper on the wall behind the headboard. To give you ideas on how to install it, we have selected 50 examples of different and original headboards. Choose the one that best fits the style of your room, your needs and your desires. Dare the headboard for a more comfortable, personalized and elegant room!

Headboard wallpaper, wood, quilted in 50 inspiring ideas

headboard original wallpaper interior bedroom scandinavian wood wall deco design

The bedhead has a long history. Several years ago, we lived in houses without central heating. Often, the house has been warmed by the fireplace usually placed in the living room or kitchen. The bedroom did not have adequate heating. For this reason, the headboard was invented! It was used to isolate cold. We all know that it is very important to be warm on our trip to the world of dreams ...

Headboard and wallpaper in light and soft colors

headboard wallpaper idea storage room furniture wood bed cushion

The headboards of the time took different forms. The most common models were wooden ones for a specific reason: wood is the least conductive material compared to stone and brick and therefore the best insulator.

Quilted headboard and black wallpaper

headboard wallpaper bedroom idea layout bed mirror wall deco curtains

Nowadays, the choice of headboards is very important and varied. Contemporary homes are built with modern techniques that keep the heat inside. Most have central heating. Having a headboard is really not necessary. All the same, it's a pretty decoration. If your room lacks color or decoration, the headboard is a modern solution to enhance the interior design of your room. It also creates a feeling of warmth. Many people make their headboards out of recycled materials: wooden pallets, board, door, small mattress and others. Others simply put stickers , posters, interesting patterned fabrics or wallpaper! If you're not a big handyman or you just want to decorate this space above the bed, one of the simplest solutions is to put wallpaper.

Idea headboard and wallpaper for the child's room

headboard wallpaper idea bedroom storage shelf

If you have a small space, then it is advisable to create a functional headboard. You can, for example, turn it into a storage chest. In this way, you will have a beautiful decoration and you will gain space. If you are a big fan of wallpaper you can put it behind the headboard or dress it up! Dare the headboard and complete the look of your bedroom. Build yours with these inspiring ideas:

Wallpaper in different decoration proposals

deco wallpaper bedroom headboard original idea

Quilted and white headboard and decoration with two abstract paintings

headboard original idea bedroom wall art deco wall

Royal headboard and wallpaper with large golden dots

headboard wallpaper pea decorating idea bedroom

Original wallpaper and wooden headboard

original wallpaper idea bed bedroom wall decor mirror

Large quilted headboard in black and white

headboard black and white design idea lighting bedroom idea cushion

Original motif wallpaper and wooden headboard

headboard original wallpaper idea room design wood

Quilted headboard and magic wallpaper

magic wallpaper deco idea lighting design cushions white armchair

Quilted headboard and walls decorated with wallpaper

bedroom decoration idea wallpaper bed wall curtains decoration plant

Wooden headboard

wallpaper bedroom idea bedroom bed wood design

modern bedroom idea headboard original design modern luminaire hanging armchair beige modern deco

bedroom headboard wallpaper pink bedroom girl idea floor mat bed

black headboard wallpaper bedroom green design

classic headboard design furniture wood deco wall

green quilted headboard wallpaper black and white deco wall design

padded headboard white design wallpaper pattern graphic deco bedroom

teen bedroom headboard chalkboard original wallpaper

modern bedroom wallpaper design idea original home decor

headboard black and white deco wall mirror bedroom

original headboard bedroom wallpaper

original floral pattern wallpaper mirror headboard wood

headboard bedroom child original panda bed child idea

bedroom design headboard wallpaper cushion bedroom bed

padded headboard decor idea modern curtains red white fixture hanging

deco bedroom headboard flower idea

headboard gray wallpaper design quilted bed idea

headboard bedroom idea decor wall mirror bed frame wall

wall decoration bedroom headboard picture frame idea floor mat black white

wallpaper pattern graphic original idea decor wall mirror bed stool blue design floor mats white

design bedroom folding screen headboard white quilted design

bedroom teen headboard idea drawing original bed yellow

headboard cushion idea wood bedroom wall decoration frame

black headboard design classic idea room cushion pink

teen room wallpaper wall original idea themed

headboard deco wallpaper idea deco bedroom wall bed lighting design

wall decoration wall idea lighting bedroom cushions bed

headboard design modern wallpaper black idea deco headboard pink fixture suspension bench quilted

headboard design quilted idea bedroom girl bed shelves

deco headboard idea bedroom wallpaper design curtains

pink wallpaper bedroom girl teen idea bed

beige headboard deco bedroom cushion idea wardrobe

bedroom headboard original idea modern deco bed deco wall idea

headboard pink wood design bedroom girl cushion idea drawing wall

bedroom girl idea deco headboard wood design cushions idea lighting modern

bedroom wall decor girl bed wallpaper white original headboard

bedroom girl wallpaper deco wall bed girl idea

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