Headboard with storage: space saving and decoration

headboard with storage room wall bricks deco table wall fixture bedroom bed cushions

The headboard with storage is an ideal solution if you want to gain space without installing bulky furniture in the bedroom.

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To store books, clothes, pillows, stuffed animals and everything you do not know where to keep, the headboard is installed in the bedroom. To show you how to integrate it into your decor and what are the different types of bedhead With storage, we selected 35 examples of adult rooms and children's rooms in various styles.

Classic style wooden headboard with storage

headboard with storage wood modern design elegant idea layout bedroom cushions

A long time ago, the headboard was only used to insulate old houses that did not have adequate heating. Gradually, his role in interior design has evolved . Nowadays, living spaces are warm and the headboard is often chosen for its aesthetic side. In recent times, designers have decided to give it another practical role: that of storage and storage furniture. Following the great success of minimalist design and its doctrine of functionality, this element has been redesigned to finally become something useful. In big cities the square meter becomes more and more expensive and often one has to live in very small apartments. In this sense, it is important to optimize every millimeter of our living space to live in a pleasant atmosphere.

Headboard with shelves for storing books

headboard bookcase storage bedroom idea

The headboard enhances the room and the bed itself: quilted, wood, fabric or other, it exists in many different forms. As for the headboards for storage they are, most of the time, wood. Installing a simple shelf is inexpensive is easy. It will allow you to store your books and magazines, to place a lamp on foot, decorative objects and frames. Often libraries are installed above the bed for win in place and to always be able to have your favorite books next to you.

Decorated headboard

bedroom headboard storage wall deco round floor rug

To find the headboard that best fits the dimensions of your bed and your room, it is advisable to manufacture it yourself or to order it to measure. It is also possible to buy a bed with headboard already integrated. Before any purchase, do not forget to take steps to avoid mistakes. Headboard prices vary. A headboard at IKEA is around 100 euros. If you do not want to spend too much money, it's quite possible to make your headboard at home.

Headboard ideal for storing sheets and pillows

headboard with storage wood idea pillows wall black bedroom fixture

Classic style bedroom and wooden headboard with built-in lighting

headboard with storage wooden deco wall parquet wood floor mats white dresser bedroom

Headboard in white wood

white headboard design idea storage room

Headboard with cupboards and shelf

headboard with storage shelf wood deco wall bed cushions linens

Classic style headboard with shelves and two small drawers

headboard with storage wood deco wall chest of drawers wood idea floor rug bed cushions bookcase

space saving bedroom idea headboard wood deco wall

headboard with wooden storage shelf idea original pillows

headboard deco idea wood bedroom bookcase books storage deco wall frame table

headboard with storage wood idea bedroom layout red round floor mats

practical headboard with storage idea shelves storage books decorative frames

headboard bedroom child storage space saving idea library

headboard with wooden storage drawers bedroom carpet idea bed bookcase

headboard storage shelves deco idea room child room teen original headboard

headboard storage room space saving shelves wood bed drawers idea

headboard storage idea wood design frames wall decor bedroom

headboard original books idea bedroom table night design wood floor mats

furniture bedroom headboard wood floor mats white cushions storage cabinet wood

teen room headboard wood idea bed layout deco wall frames

headboard storage shelves idea room teen

headboard with storage idea shelves bookcase books deco wall frames

bedroom child furniture wood white design dresser drawers storage idea floor wood wall

storage room child garland paper idea headboard wood shelves parquet wood floor mat heart

quilted headboard shelf storage wall deco bedroom

idea bedroom modern arrangement headboard wood nightstand fixtures

headboard white wood lacquered idea storage room bookcase books modern fixtures suspension

shelf headboard wood storage idea books frames deco fixtures

wooden headboard bedroom drawers storage wood floor rug gray idea cushions

Bedroom Modern Design Deco Wall Frames Headboard Wood Modern Drawers

headboard storage idea bookcase wood books storage interior floor mats white

space saving bedroom idea space saving bedroom modern headboard lighting fixture

headboard storage drawers idea space saving bedroom dresser deco

headboard black wood cushions design modern idea shelves wood storage plants deco

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