Hot and cold color: how to use them in the living room

ideas color lounge warm and cool tint

In this publication we will talk about ways to use the warm and cold colors for the interior decoration of the living room and the living room.

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Colors have a power in themselves. They can be stimulating, relaxing or bring a happy atmosphere. Many people dream of being able to mobilize their potential in the decoration of their stay, but hesitate to embark on this enterprise which they consider too difficult. Think about it: the color you choose for the walls of your living room can affect the entire look of the room. The same goes for a single piece of furniture in lively and daring shades.

Hot and cold colors: why we hesitate to use them in the living room decoration

decoration living room hot cold range

Given the expense of arranging the living room, we understand why the use of colors has become something of a threat: it is scary because it is thought that it can "ruin" all previous efforts. To avoid all these risks, most people decide to bet on neutral nuances, as everyone does. Let's see what are the essential principles to know to avoid sinking into the banal.

Hot and cold colors: a reminder of the basic definitions

living room interior deco design warm colors

Let's start with some definitions: what is a warm colour and a cold color? In the color wheel (also called "color wheel"), warm shades are on the left and cold - on the right. Yellow, orange and hues pastel are in the first category. Blue, the Grey and green belong to the second. There are also intermediate shades which are placed between these two groups and which may belong to one or the other depending on the dominant notes of which they are composed (for example: certain variants of green and lilac).

Example of living room decorated in cold colors and neutral shades

interior living room cold colors

How to use this information for a successful living room decoration? If you like a particular color, whether hot or cold, you can use its nuances to decorate your stay. The combinations of shades of the same color can give very nice results, as can be seen in the picture above which represents a living room with shades of blue. Small advice for those who would like to achieve a similar effect in their interiors: combine the tones of the color of your choice with walls or furniture in neutral color, such as white, black and very light notes of gray, to bring more of balance in the interior space.

Salon in warm and cold colors: idea of ​​modern decoration by Newedge Design

cool color cold lounges design

But how harmonize hues of the two groups, the cold and the hot? If you want to experiment to create a colorful living room, consider the possibility of playing on complementary nuances. This expression applies to pairs of shades that are opposed to each other in the color wheel, such as dark blue and orange or yellow. Together, these couples produce quite remarkable contrasts.

Warm colors and frodies: knowing how to use them together in the living room

furniture lounges cold warm colors

To obtain a balanced and pleasant interior, use the effects of these contrasts in moderation: for example, with a dominant color and accessories in complementary hues (cushions, decorative objects, decorative paintings). You can see an illustration of this approach on the picture above, with a couch in dark blue and a cushion and plant pot in shades of orange and yellow. Here are other pictures that show how you handle hot and cold colors to get an interesting and characteristic living room decoration:

Modern living room in warm and neutral colors

living room deco warm color

Living room and living room in cold colors

living room deco living room cold color

Salon in warm and cold colors

living room hot and cold colors

Living room in warm colors and in white

deco stay warm colors

Interior photo of neutral and warm colors: white and red

photo deco living room neutral colors

How to combine a warm and cold color in the living room

image living room hot and cold color

Small lounge in warm and cold colors: yellow, red and blue

a small living room warm and cold color

Palette of warm and cold colors in the contemporary living room

living room palettes hot cold colors

Interior decoration in cold colors

interior living room association of cold color

Interior design of living room in cold colors

deco interior design stay cold color

Living room interior decoration with wall in warm color

interior decoration living rooms warm colors

Interior decoration in cold colors: blue and green

interior design cold color

Living room layout in warm colors: yellow, red and orange

idea stay warm colors

Living room decoration in warm and cold colors

ideas deco living room hot and cold color

ideas of deco salons color hot and cold

ideas color modern living room deco

harmony colors deco modern salons

deco living room warm and cold color

deco design salon cool colors

warm color living room decoration

modern decoration stay hot and cold color

deco salons color hot and cold

decoration living rooms harmony cold and warm color

living room decoration hot cold color

cool color living room deco

photos living room cold warm colors

interior decoration lounges cool colors

house decoration hot and cold color

deco wall warm shade salon

interior deco rooms stay cold colors

deco wall colors salon

color decoration warm stay

colors painting living room modern decoration

cold warm color salons

hot and cold color wheel idea deco living room

hot and cold colors contemporary living room

harmonize warm color decoration salons

warm and cold color deco sejour

warm colors idea layout salons

salons associate colors

hot and cold range colors deco modern living room

associate cold warm colors

associate color warm cold living room

interior layout living room cold color

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