House facade decoration: modern and pretty ideas

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This article is devoted to decoration facade house and offers ideas for a nice exterior of your modern home. Discover them here! In many ways, the modern house facade decoration looks like the decoration of the interior .

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One can find thousands of ideas and wonder for days what is the best of them. And, as for the interior decoration, the decoration of your facade depends on your desire and your personal taste.

Modern facade decoration: idea for a house in harmony with the environment


However, as the façade works involve a change in the environment in your neighborhood, it is important to know that they can not be done without obtaining a prior agreement from the Architect of the Buildings of France.

Home facade decoration - details to consider before starting work

ideas decoration facade house exterior wall

Before starting work, make sure you have this agreement to avoid any worries and penalties. The facade of a modern house can be decorated with several resistant materials, classic or more modern. Among these are wood, bricks, stone, copper and plastic.

Home facade decoration: deco idea with wood

decoration facade house design modern wall wood

Wood is a classic decoration house facade . Used for millennia, this material is preferred by many homeowners, because of its very welcoming and warm appearance and its affordable price. If you like outdoor decoration with wooden elements, be sure to choose a type of material suitable for wall covering outdoor spaces.

Choose the type of wood to use for the decoration of your facade

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In fact, not all types of wood have the same resistance to climatic conditions, oxidation, moisture and frost. Some are better than others. The types of exotic wood are generally more expensive but also more resistant to moisture. It is for this reason that they are often used in the development of facades and outdoor terraces.

House with exterior wooden facade

modern facade cladding

Other types of wood are more accessible but they must necessarily be subjected to appropriate treatment. This treatment will guarantee a long life of the exterior siding made of wood.

Home facade decoration: decorative idea with stone facing

decoration facade house modern wall stone

Stone and bricks are another classic and elegant solution for decorating a Modern House . Like wood, these materials have been used for hundreds of years and they have recognized qualities from an aesthetic point of view and isolation. Those who like classical materials also have another solution: they could play with many materials of this type, which will allow them to give their home a trendy look.

Facade decoration ideas for a modern house

home wall glass modern style facade decoration ideas

Copper is an option that makes us think about the sustainability of old houses; it is also an option of facade decoration preferred by those who love the style of industrial decoration. Having the advantage of aging nicely, this material will allow you to observe the color change of your home in a natural way, without ever getting tired of its facade.

Use corten steel to give an original and trendy touch to its facade

stone house facades

Another material that allows us to obtain a similar rendering: corten steel. Corten steel is a specific blend of steel and other metals. It was invented specifically to withstand outdoor weather conditions. In addition, its rusty color develops with time. As you get older, it becomes more interesting in terms of color but also more resistant thanks to the specific formula of this kind of metal.

Metal wall cladding painted in bright colors for a facade that does not go unnoticed

decoration facade house design-industrial-painting-red

Want to give your facade an interesting color? In this case, why not opt ​​for a painted metal siding in an interesting shade? The color options are really limitless. And, thanks to the wide range of modern outdoor paints, you will achieve a vibrant and durable surface!

Mix different colors and materials on its exterior facade

modern house facade decoration

Of course, we are also free to mix several types of materials and colors. Wood and stone or metal, spaces adorned with bay windows with touches of wood ... These solutions bring dynamism to the exterior facade and make the building remarkable even when viewed from a distance.

Home facade decoration: idea for modern home

home black facade decor

Plastic facades are also a trendy solution for those who wish to give their home a modern look. Among the many advantages of this material, there is its durability and resistance to different climatic conditions. In addition, the plastic house facade decoration offers you many choices of colors and appearance of the wall covering.

Play with the materials and colors of decoration home exterior facade

decoration facade house painting-door-entrance-rose-siding

Another interesting idea for those who dream of a facade unlike any other: play with the materials and paint colors of its exterior. One of the most common ways of making such a project is to decorate the space around one's front door. Select a different wall covering for this part of the building facade. Or again, bet on a cool paint color that contrasts with the rest of the outdoors!

House facade decoration idea with green plants

houses deco design facade

Finally, let's not forget that the finished appearance of the exterior of your home also depends on the vegetation and lighting. So, for example, climbing plants on a facade can completely transform the look of a house. And, if you think that wall decoration with climbing plants is not suitable for modern design houses, you may change your mind thanks to the pretty picture above!

Idea of ​​exterior decoration of house and facade design

deco facade house glass

Transform completely the aspect of its facade thanks to its natural environment? This is possible if you opt for a wall decoration with glazed or mirrored surfaces. Nice idea for a modern residence that is near a park or a green space. Its façade will reflect the natural landscape around the house!

Outdoor lighting and decoration modern house facade

modern outdoor wall decoration

As for lighting, it can enhance the look of your home and attract attention to your facade. Outdoor and indoor lighting is an especially important aspect of decoration for modern homes with glass decoration, as you can see in the photo above.

How outdoor lighting can change the appearance of your modern home facade

decoration facade house painting-white-terrace-modern

But lighting and just as important for contemporary buildings with dark or neutral tones. It enhances the silhouette of the building and makes it a true work of art. Whether your home is in town or outside of an urban center, outdoor lighting is always a component of the decorative facade to consider.

House facade decoration idea by Wallflower Architecture Design

home decoration design idea

With so much option of home exterior facade decoration, you have the opportunity to combine several interesting solutions to achieve a result worthy of admiration. Materials, colors, windows, lighting, natural environment ... All these elements are mobilized to beautify the outside of our homes. To make your choice of home facade decoration, you can examine our collection of images of modern residences below:

Modern style house decoration with original facade

house facades glass

Contemporary style house facade

decoration facades exterior lighting

Photo of stone house facade

facade cladding stone

Stone facade cladding

idea stone facade

Modern house photos: deco idea facade

photo modern house facade

Photo of modern house with glass facade

modern home photos glass facades

Photo of design house: wooden facade

houses design coating wood facade

Design house with modern facade

photos houses modern facade design

Architect house model: stone facade decoration idea

photo house architect decor stone facade

Contemporary house and glass facade

contemporary houses wood facade

Modern houses: facade decoration

modern house decor facades

Contemporary house: wooden facade

contemporary wood facade houses

Architect house and facade decoration

house design decor facade

Idea of ​​facade and wall covering

facade ideas and coatings

house wood facade ideas

outside ideas wall decoration

modern facade decoration and outdoor lighting

modern facade decoration

wood house decoration ideas

modern facades designer houses

modern home decor ideas

stone facade contemporary houses

modern houses facade

exterior wall decoration facade

home decor idea modern facade

modern home wall decor

modern outdoor home wall decor

decor facades glass

minimalist house wall decoration

deco facades house stone

decoration facades wood modern house

white modern house decoration

modern house facade decoration

decoration facade gray house

wood facade decoration

decoration house facade bricks

decoration facade original houses

modern house decoration red facade

decoration house design deco

deco facade house green plants

decor wood facades

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