House with ultra-contemporary pool in Thailand

beautiful contemporary house with beautiful pool

An ultra-modern design, a lush garden, windows at will ... This house with pool is a paradise! Created by Ayutt and Associates , this home is in Thailand, a country as exotic as this house is luxurious.

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House with pool in Thailand: a paradise for luxury lovers

house with pool in Thailand

The house with pool covers 1500 square meters and seeks to emphasize the nature that surrounds it. The terrace , Which lies at the heart of the design, is punctuated by a sublime pool whose turquoise shades bring out the red bricks.

The house is made up of several blocks that communicate with each other

geometric blocks modern style house

But what is most remarkable is the omnipresence of the windows. If we look at each image in this article, we can see that the walls fade to make way for a sought-after and thoughtful transparency.

Beautiful wood terrace enhanced by a large pool and lush greenery

beautiful terrace with pool

Indeed, the first objective seems to have been the communication between the inside and the outside. Each room, without exception, overlooks the outside and opens onto green gardens that breathe freshness.

Floor-to-ceiling windows replace the walls in the living room and offer unparalleled transparency

each wall is actually a bay window

From the living room, you can see the garage and vice versa. This is possible thanks to the windows in the living room and the transparent wall that borders the garage.

Interior in light shades and furnished with contemporary furniture

white decor ultra contemporary furniture

Inside, the decor is under the sign of whiteness - a white floor, light furniture and even a transparent hanging chair. Everything in the decoration and the layout encourages to turn to the outside, without losing anything.

The spacious living room opens on one side to a long courtyard, and on the other - on the terrace with swimming pool

large living room that opens onto the courtyard

Folding windows run along - on both sides - the vast living room. Thus, the living room seems taken in the hands of nature with, on one side, a long yard and on the other - the terrace with the pool.

Nature invites itself inside with a series of folding windows that run along the living room

beautiful terrace with accordion windows

The presence of these folding windows allows an unequaled transparency. If you stand in the courtyard, you can see the terrace beyond the living room since it disappears to let nature speak.

White dominates on the inside and contrasts with the black frame of the folding windows

refined white and black interior

In the living room, the contrast between the whiteness of the interior and the black frame of the windows is impressive. It is also interesting to notice the absence of colors, other than the wood of the furniture and the stone of the column. This monochrome choice helps to emphasize the greenery of trees outside.

The bathroom exudes luxury and elegance and, like the living room, invites nature into the interior

luxury bathroom overlooks inner courtyard

As we said a little earlier, each room, without exception, is lined with bay windows. Yes, this also applies to the bathroom where, once again, the white reigns in the form of marble. The floor and the sink seem to stand out, certainly because of the contrast created by the greenery outside.

The cantilevered wood staircase seems to float in space

wood staircase that seems to float

To reach the upper floor, the architects opted for a cantilevered wooden staircase. This choice is interesting because it gives the impression of a floating staircase that is not necessary inside.

Upstairs, a beautiful view looms at the end of a spacious hallway

corridor overlooking a green garden

Upstairs, the wood pays tribute to nature while the corridor offers a beautiful view of the lush garden surrounding the house.

Even the garage overflows with elegance with an awning that seems to overlook the terrace

design house with awning for garage

The garage is as contemporary as the house to which it is attached. The canopy overhangs the terrace and gives it shade.

The red front door contrasts with the white blocks of the design house

entrance of the house ultra contemporary design

We find the same awning in the image above, which focuses on the entrance to the house. The red door reminds us of the red blocks that line the pool - probably the only color accents.

The walls of the garage are transparent and we can see the living room

we can see the garage lounge

Inside the garage, as mentioned above, the walls are transparent and the visual link is uninterrupted. The owners can easily admire their car from the comfort of their living room, and vice versa.

The walls are rare in this beautiful modern house

modern garage with transparent walls

A gravel-covered courtyard separates the main room from the garage and creates a rest area that acts as a transition between the outside and the inside.

We can see in this plan the layout of the house with swimming pool

plan of the house with swimming pool

And here, finally, two architectural drawings that show the extent of the house with swimming pool and its gardens!

Axonometric drawing of the house in Thailand

axonometric drawing of the house with swimming pool

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