How to arrange your balcony when it is not very big?

develop your balcony ideas

How arrange your balcony when it is rather small and narrow? Who does not dream of being able to have breakfast, one summer morning, on his balcony and enjoy this moment of happiness?

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Or having a drink after a hard day, seeing the lights of the city light up one by one? It's a common dream for people living in small urban housing, but they do not really believe it. Think again, if you have even a tiny bit of balcony we will see how to optimize it to get the best of it and offer you a pleasant setting for the evening's little cigarette or a one-to-one dinner with your partner.

for a romantic tête à tête

arrange your balcony wooden bench wooden floor coffee table

The main ingredient when you want to develop your small balcony it is of course creativity. Be aware that a small, narrow balcony offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor landscaping, they are ideal for creating a small, intimate setting with minimal furniture and some plants. In fact, it is not the surface that counts to develop its balcony, but rather a reasoned use of colors, and the judicious choice of accessories and small decorations.

it is not the surface that counts to arrange its balcony

how to arrange your balcony idea chair

First, to minimize floor space, a good idea to decorate your balcony is to focus on anything that can be attached to the walls: sunshades, blinds, flower pots hanging, and why not, there is even barbecues to hang on a wall, which are retractable and will leave all the space you need when not in use.

it is necessary to limit the footprint

barbecue balcony railing

You can also install a small seating area, Moroccan type, which will consist of some cushions placed on the floor around a coffee table. Arrange your furniture so that you can use the wall of your balcony as a support. And finally, let loose on accessories, lanterns, candles, wind vanes or mobiles swinging with the wind. See our photos for more inspiration.

arrange your balcony in a Moroccan style

balcony greenery accessories

be creative!

balcony rustic style layout

shelves to optimize space

arrange your balcony shelves flowers

a decorating idea to save space

decorative idea hanging pots

It takes little to be happy

landscaping balcony aromatic plants

a green setting in the city

modern design balcony

use natural materials, woods, shrubs, canes and wicker

arrange his balcony floor panels

arrange your balcony optimize space

landscaping balcony Virginia creeper

elegant winter garden

set up a thematic balcony

small terrace

original balcony idea

hanging pots


Japanese garden balcony layout

arrange your balcony plant wall

practical retractable elements

balcony furniture furniture iron

minimalist balcony

arrange your balcony beautiful carpet

arrange your balcony small sofa

small balcony idea design chair wood table

balcony idea living room arrange small space

furniture balcony patio furniture

arrange his balcony black white

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