How to build your garden: an original walkway

how to arrange your garden aisle

To respond to the question how to arrange your garden First of all, one must ask yourself a crucial question: do you often enjoy your garden and how?

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It is around this question that you can decide what is the appropriate layout for your outdoor space.

How to build your garden: more than 40 original ideas

how to arrange your garden idea

If you like to relax in the open air, you can start with the garden furniture and its place in your outside. Installed under a tree, you would have natural shade throughout the summer. If you do not have a tree of this size, you can always install a pergola if you wish.

How to build your garden: three distinct parts

how to arrange your garden three levels

Do you like gardening? If the answer is yes, then study the soil of your garden and choose the location for your plants and flowers. Some plants like light and sun, while others grow well in the shade.

Garden landscaping with bright flower pots

how to arrange your garden flower pots

If your garden is already laid out, but you lack decoration, it's the easiest task! You can of course opt for a practical utility decoration: a garden path , a fountain for more freshness, more vegetation to get fresh air and so on.

Pretty vegetation and wooden garden table

how to arrange your garden table

The folding and light garden furniture is a practical solution: you can put yourself in the shade or in the sun. Preferably, opt for wooden furniture: it is ecological and aesthetic at the same time. Here are two wooden garden chairs, decorated with cushions with floral motifs.

Use wooden pallets for various storage

garden idea arrangement original flowers pot of flower wood pallet

For your storage, you can use pallets Of wood. They are free, ecological, in large quantities and easy to overhaul. Here is an example of a storage cabinet for flowerpots, made of a palette of wood that was then colored in purple.

Strategically landscaped garden

how to arrange your garden idea garden path stone deco water basin pergola

Here is a garden to develop in a strategic way. The garden path is the dividing line between the two zones: a relaxation zone and a vegetal zone. A basin of water and a fountain decorate this pretty outside.

Stone garden driveway

how to arrange your garden gone from garden flowers idea original stone

Making a garden path is the first step if you want to create different areas: relaxation, gardening, games and more. If you do not know how to go about it, start by creating a simple stone garden driveway.

Zen style garden decoration

how to arrange your garden alley stone idea tree

Garden decoration with wooden steps

idea garden layout staircase wood

Garden decoration with wooden terrace

garden design idea design garden furniture wood chair table

Bright flower pots of original design

garden how to landscap outdoor flower pot light outdoor light

Romantic garden decorated with wooden furniture

garden landscaping idea garden table wood chair deco flowers

Water basin and original garden path

how to arrange your garden alley stone garden house idea lake fountain water basin

Brick garden driveway

driveway garden original brick how to arrange his garden plant flowerpot deco

Floral art: shrubs in a large garden

floral art shrub how to arrange your garden idea garden path stone plants deco

Strategic development

outdoor garden design idea wooden table design chair

Stone garden driveway

decorate your garden idea flowers deco garden path stone

The garden is separated in place of relaxation and rest

how to arrange your garden idea stone trees

Welcome !

arrangement fountain idea plant space stone

Geometric garden landscaping

storage outdoor space idea garden bench lawn tree design idea

White metal garden bench

garden landscaping idea garden bench metal white flowerpot

Japanese style garden

japanese garden idea garden pergola design house wood idea

A statue of woman with wreath of flowers

how to decorate your garden idea statue outdoor decoration

Streams, fountains and ponds are a way to create a permanent sensation of freshness

garden arrangement idea palms parquet wood

Pretty garden path made of big stones

how to arrange your garden idea staircase stone garden plant decoration

garden idea garden table wood chair flowerpot plants decoration

garden idea design armchair wood chaise longue wooden table flower pots armchair swing

terrace garden decoration idea flowerpot house door wood

deco garden wooden bench tree wooden pallet

decorating idea garden landscaping small space

deco garden idea sculpture design vegetation

garden deco stone garden chair wood garden path stone plant

idea garden alley flowers deco tree plant original

garden decoration design idea garden path stone water basin

arrangement garden idea storage plant fountain

how to arrange your garden idea lounge chair garden pond

idea garden pergola garden path white stone deco plant shrub tree

garden how to landscap outdoor plant shrub idea

garden garden idea low wooden table garden bench armchair resin braided

storage garden-plant

garden idea original decoration stone deco

landscaping garden outdoor modern garden furniture bench chair

garden idea landscaping garden path stone garden furniture table chair

garden table metal idea landscaping

garden aisle idea black stone deco plant outdoor landscaping

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