How to easily compose a miniature garden

idea miniature garden

To have a beautiful miniature garden indoor, choose appropriate low-growing species or young plants that can slow growth.

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Young plants can decorate an indoor miniature garden for a while, but when they grow up, you have to plant them in another garden. Plants should be chosen so that they have uniform lighting, watering and temperature regimes.

A miniature garden in an old suitcase and pots

miniature garden idea pots ceramic design flowers

Next, make sure that the height and type of plants match the size of the container. Try to have a variety of tall plants, different in the shape and texture of the leaves, but be careful with the combination of plant color.

A small garden with green plants and figurines

garden miniature idea arrange decorate

It is necessary to regulate the height of the composition. Be careful not to pick too many branched plants. In most compositions, the overall impression produced by the plant is in the medium term.

A beautiful decoration for a small garden

miniature garden idea landscaping decorate 1

If you do not want to use colorful plants, you can choose brightly foliaged ornamental plants. Remember vines that are needed and will mitigate the clean lines of the container. If the roots are not reached place, and part of the soil will not be increased. To slow the growth of plants, you should plant them in a stainless steel box. Like this, the roots can not spread in the soil.

Small garden with a garden furniture in white

miniature garden idea deco pots flowers plants

Selecting plants for a flower arrangement for an indoor miniature garden is not difficult. You can use palm tree, dracaena, cordyline, ficus, and Philodendron . For this purpose, the appropriate ornamental plants with leaf decorated with bright colors such as the ivy and begonia. The Succulents are ideal for indoor miniature garden too. Shrubs too can be used. You can include cactus and make a miniature indoor garden special cactus!

Miniature garden in a flowerpot

miniature garden flowerpot idea decorate stones

Whether indoors or outdoors, with a little imagination you can create a dream miniature garden. Thus, inside we find the terrarium mini garden version. For this you have to choose a suitable container, usually glass. It is necessary to take a light ground which it is necessary to decorate some pebbles for the drainage. Finally, choose small plants that are compatible together and preferably tolerable to moisture.

Beautiful decoration

garden plants succulent flowers

We are not all lucky to have a garden in front of the house or a large terrace. That's why we have to bring the garden to us. The miniature garden is the perfect solution for small urban spaces. Having a mini garden has a practical side. It adds more freshness to your space and is a natural deco element that we all need.

A boat-shaped garden

mini garden decoration succulent

You can buy in store all the necessary items to create your perfect terrarium or miniature garden. But you can also make it yourself by choosing recovered containers.

Garden in a suitcase

mini garden original suitcase jars

When choosing the container you are going to use for your mini garden you have to take into account the characteristics of the plants. Some plants prefer light and fresh air, while others may very well live in the dark.

Miniature decoration

mini garden pots plants

Question container, you can opt for pots, crates, aquariums, jars and cups, but also pieces of wood. These will make your little garden a true paradise, thanks to its natural appearance and structure.

A small garden

mini garden wood plants

Once your plants are chosen, you can add decorative elements to your miniature garden. Choose natural decorations, such as wood and pebbles. But do not overdo it because your plants need to have air and space.

A garden with tiny furniture

garden decoration wood pots

The maintenance for your miniature garden is quite easy. In time you will get used to taking care of it. For classic green plants, water them 1-2 times a week or check when they are dry. Do not add too much water to avoid drowning.

A miniature garden can take place in a wooden box

miniature garden wooden box figurine

If you have created a closed terrarium then it hardly needs to be watered. The closed plants need neither too much air nor water. Of course, be careful when choosing them and ask your florist for advice.

Different kinds of cactus for your garden

garden small size cactus

If your miniature garden is intended to beautify your outdoor space, then find a quiet place that will highlight your little garden. If, on the other hand, you intend to take care of it inside your house, choose a bright place. Plants like natural light. The ideal place would be to drop it near a window facing north. It is important not to put them directly under the rays of sun tapping because your flowers may then fade.

A ficus bonsai ideal for the garden

small ficus bonsai garden

You are probably wondering what plants will fill such a miniature garden. There is a wide variety and it would be best to ask your florist. However, among the miniature plants we find of course bonsai, mini cactus and physalis.

A garden with flowers and succulents

miniature garden flowers succulent plants

Philodendron, one of the ideal plants for the garden

philodendron miniature garden

miniature garden stone plants

miniature garden Lier

miniature garden succulent plants cactus

garden succulent plants different

miniature garden green plants figurines

miniature garden stylized figurine

suspended miniature garden

green miniature garden

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