How to maintain green plants?

home decoration green plants different pots

You like green plants and you want to create a little garden heavenly in your home? This article is for you. It does not matter whether your plant is in its natural environment or in a flowerpot inside your House she needs a good interview.

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Green plants in stone pots

plants outdoor pots stone flowers

It can be said that houseplants are a very important part of home improvement. For this reason, in today's article we will give you some maintenance tips so that your plants can grow as well as possible. Above all, it is important that there is enough light, which is essential for your green plants.

Light is essential for green plants

green plants interior decoration

If you want to put them in a darker place, you will have to think about artificial lighting. The temperature of 18 ° C is ideal for most plants, be careful, if you heat more, you will have to mist the foliage.

A modern house and houseplants as decoration

modern house plants interior

Very useful because the misting reduces the risk of mites, in addition, it allows a light dusting of the leaves. Watering your plants is also important. It all depends on the ambient humidity and the temperature. Opt for terracotta pots rather than for plastic ones. Terracotta pots let the roots breathe.

Flower pots in different colors

zoom plants pots colors different sizes

Be careful not to overwater as a plant survives a lack of water more than an excess. Another important tip: do not use cold tap water! You will have to fill a few bottles about two days before watering, because the limestone in tap water is not good for your plants.

Mix several plants of different sizes

green plants three pots different sizes

To make your plants pleasant, clean them often. Feed them once a month. Now choose your green plants using our selected photos. All you have to do is turn your house into a dream garden.

A hanging green plant

zoom hanging green plant

A wall with green plants in a modern house

wall green plants modern house

A minimalist design house with indoor plants

house minimalist design indoor plants

A vertical plant in a modern house

vertical plant modern house

Green plants in a small vertical garden

zoom green plants vertical garden

indoor plants hanging house retro style

zoom two flower pots gold green plants

green plants original home decoration

beautiful house green plant zoom

high view modern living room indoor plants

home decoration plants pots flowers

Zen modern bath room green plants

house decoration plants interior

zoom flower pots different shapes

zoom green plant

plants interior decoration original house

wood floor table two chairs blue plants indoor

modern kitchen indoor plants

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