How to organize a garden party: tips and advice

personalized decoration table

Generally a garden party appropriates your green space that is outside your home, between buildings, in a park, etc. The reasons for organizing a garden party are many, and our topic will discuss the steps that must be taken to make your garden party elegant and impressive.

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First, the choice of the place and its decoration are the keys to success.

A garden party with a beautiful decoration

night garden party decoration

The place should be appropriate for the occasion and able to include a bar, dining tables, a dance floor, and a swimming pool (if it's possible). Given the occasion, the place must have appropriate decoration (depending on the season, tastes, theme, even your mood). The music of course, which is the soul of the event must be appropriate and consistent with the ceremony.

a garden party table with floral decoration

garden party table decoration

A successful garden party is an excellent restoration and a generous refreshment bar. Food and drinks can be selected according to the theme. One last thing, as an organizer. You have to take into consideration in decorating your garden party, the lighting . Paying attention to the details of this decorative asset becomes a necessity.

a big gathering at a garden party

worldly garden party

Here are our tips for organizing a perfect garden party: Step One: Prepare a guest list. Send themed guest guests, which is good for indicating preferences for clothes (formal, informal, swimsuits, etc.). If there is no preference, the decision remains for the guests. Second step: organize the space for a garden party, as if you are organizing a party at home. The place must be clean, orderly. Tables and chairs, and all outdoor furniture should be clean and tidy.

Night garden party

night garden party

Third step: provide umbrellas or awnings to ensure a peaceful stay outdoors. If the party takes place in cold weather, it is necessary to install stoves (installation of heaters is mandatory if the party is at night). Step Four: Everything must be organized around a theme, in the food presented or the way of serving. Consider aperitifs, cocktails, aperitifs.

A fruit buffet for the garden party

outdoor fruit buffet garden

Step Five: The food must be prepared in advance and left to prepare that one whose preparation may be the attraction of the collection. Step six: Lighting and lighting are essential elements that greatly contribute to the success of the party. We recommend the use of paper lanterns around the site, and around the dance floor. A good option is to use garden torches or candles, but you must make extra efforts for their safety.

Appetizers for party guests

garden party appetizer

Tents to protect guests from bad weather

garden party tables under tents

BBQ is essential during outdoor parties

barbecue party garden

A musical group for more atmosphere

garden party musical group

A big tent for the guests of the garden party

big tent garden party

Rustic table decoration for garden party

garden party rustic decoration

The night is also ideal for a garden party

outdoor garden party

the garden courtyard is the best place for an outdoor reception

reception garden party table

tables for resting guests and their restorations is essential

outdoor party table arrangement

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