Idea of ​​decor to build a large intimidating wall

3D decorative panels

With the multiplication of lofts and landscaping large spaces industrial , a recurring theme appeared. How to decorate a wall of large dimensions, and intelligently and harmoniously fill the feeling of emptiness that it could generate?

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This kind of wall, which imposes itself as a mountain cirque encircling a living room, may seem daunting at first sight.

padded wall

padded bedroom walls

But they represent a unique opportunity for interior design; consider a large wall as a frame, a blank canvas waiting for the first strokes of the artist to come to life, to reveal itself as the great opportunity to design a unique and grandiose decoration.

use the wall as a blank frame

artistic bathroom

And speaking of brushstrokes, it is precisely one of the interesting options that we have chosen to embellish an imposing wall. See, for example, this vegetable composition in Chinese shadows, hand painted on a white wall like a painting canvas. This kind of effects can be achieved quite easily with a projector facing the wall to be painted, simply follow the contours of the image projected in pencil, and fill with the color of your choice.

an original decor and quite easy to do

painted silhouette wall

On this other example, large floral motifs, design and stylized, are repeated on the walls of this bedroom. If you are not too artistic manually, a simple and elegant option is the wallpaper. Whether you choose a beautiful paper with abstract patterns, or floral is an option that becomes trend again. And if you appreciate art, have many frames on your wall to dress. Or use stickers to personalize an empty wall, they allow you to compose freely without being a great draftsman.

floral patterns repeating themselves

wall stylized patterns

Another fashion that comes from the recent past and is again current, is to stick a giant photo, modern technologies allow a better rendering than the classic waterfalls in the forest or row of palm trees on paradise island. To enlarge a room, devoting a whole wall to install a mirror will increase the brightness, and give an impression of large space. Another possibility is the padded walls, which create a cozy and warm feeling, a little chic even. See our selection of photos.

stick a big picture

forest photo wall

a mirror enlarges the space and increases the brightness

covered wall large mirror

the stickers, the easy but elegant option

purple circle stickers

use your imagination!

wall clock frames

an imperial decoration

gold leaf engraving

furnish with art

vegetation tables

floral inspiration sticker

fully padded wall

modern wallpaper

3D wallpaper

decorative photo frames

deco wall frames

partition painted wall

decorative stickers

large art deco mirror

cityscape stickers

floral wallpaper

deco dolphins clouds

vegetal panels

wall filled photos

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