Ideas and tips for a successful English style decor

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The English style decor is associated with the calm, comfortable and elegant atmosphere of life in England. Do you like this particular style of our neighbors? If your answer to this question is "yes", find out how to use furniture and accessories for an effect english style in the different rooms of your house.
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Furniture idea and English style decor for living room

home decoration deco english

The English style decor is characterized by its classic elegance. The wooden furniture in natural or white color, the natural and pleasant fabrics and the elements that make us think of the English countryside are its essential elements. We see a nice illustration on the picture above that invites us into the house in English style of the writer Bella Pollen. The living room of the house, with a large library covering the walls of the room, is decorated in white and wood. The wallpaper, placed on the wall between the windows, makes it possible to harmonize the colors of the sofa and the English armchair with that of the wooden parquet floor by its nuances borrowed from the nature.

Curtains for deco english style with floral pattern

deco style english curtains flowers

Side accessories and patterns, we remain in the country and natural atmosphere. For covers, covers and tablecloths, we prefer floral designs, sometimes replaced by small geometric shapes that give a more contemporary look inside. This decoration is often complemented by cushions, rugs or other fabrics in the same room that can wear the same patterns or a similar color.

Deco English style and wall cladding ideas by Laura Ashley

deco english style wallpaper floral pattern

For wall decoration, we select classic and timeless coatings, such as wallpapers or tiles. Here too, one can opt for decorations with floral pattern. You see several examples on the image above.

Decorative English style for dining area or dining room

deco style english kitchen dining area

The floral pattern would also be a nice addition to a kitchen wall covering with small tiles in Victorian style, for example. We can complete these elements with family portraits, artistic photos ... Or with paintings of countryside landscapes or animals.

Living room with furniture and decoration in English style

deco style english living room interior design

Side small accessories, we can use wooden objects and porcelain. Those who love porcelain plates can choose English porcelain in blue and white, very elegant and chic, to decorate a kitchen furniture, a dining room or even the space that is located above the kitchen. bedhead in the bedroom.

Example of a dining room with English decor and chic accessories

dining rooms chic English decoration accessory

Regarding the colors, we prefer the color association bright and classic, such as red, blue, green or gray with white. The chosen colors are used throughout the room. Thus, for example, we think to create common elements between the decoration of the walls, the cushions and even the very small accessories.

Interior design idea with English style

living room furniture english decoration

We see a good example on the photo of the show on the picture above. The shades of blue are used in the decoration of the basket, placed next to the English sofa. Great idea for a country house stay or by the sea!

Attention to detail is typical for traditional or modern English interiors

deco english style accessories-cushions-cups-the

The English decoration is characterized by attention to detail and the desire for a harmonious atmosphere. So we heal all the elements of its interior up in the smallest accents. No need, however, to bet on absolutely identical elements throughout the room. On the other hand, the occasions of colors and reasons are encouraged!

The English decoration attributes a great importance to the brightness of the interior space

English style wall painting-light blue

All traditional English houses are not necessarily distinguished by their optimal lighting. In fact, the interiors of urban residences dating from previous centuries are not always very bright. To remedy this peculiarity, our neighbors across the Channel apply several ingenious solutions.

White accents for a more welcoming living space

deco style english painting-taupe-fabric-furnishing

The choice of wall paint color and accents for the decoration of the walls is one of the most important. Certainly, the harmony of the nuances in a room is very important. But the same goes for the color that dominates the vertical surfaces of the interior space.

Idea of ​​curtains for English decor

interior deco interior

For this reason, it is not surprising that white paint is almost inevitably present in rooms decorated with English style. It can dominate the living space or serve as a complement to an element of the decor. Still, she plays a vital role!

English style accessories for bathroom decoration

accessory style english decoration bathrooms

As far as English decor is concerned, let's remember that, for many designers, the shabby chic style is influenced by British interiors. So, we rediscover the accessories and colors typical of this style. In addition to white, which we have already talked about, there is a whole range of pastel shades to integrate into your living space!

English decoration for bathroom with pastel tones

deco style english bathroom-wall-paper

This is an aspect of the English style deco that will be appreciated if you want to build a British-style bathroom. Because the bathroom can be a small space and sometimes lacks windows, pastel colors are welcome here! The same goes for wallpapers that combine the hues of white and floral patterns.

Bathroom design idea with touches of feminine colors

deco English style inspiration-bathroom-small-space

In English-style interiors, comfort rhymes with style. And since our neighbors are very fond of vintage items and vintage touches, their homes often include accessories from different eras. In addition to porcelain, there are still gold and silver decorations, vases and crystal bowls.

English style decoration for home interior

furniture living room deco style english

Finally, to get an interior in full English style, we match all of this decoration with fresh flowers of various colors that highlight the atmosphere of the English countryside. Characteristic element of the English style decor, the floral art can be in harmony with the rest of the colors in the room or, on the contrary, become a remarkable accent when the shades of the flowers are in contrast with the other elements of the interior.

Living room decoration idea in English style

furniture deco living room english style

Note also, for those who are looking for more modern English style ideas, that this floral art can also adopt a more abstract and contemporary form. This is an attractive option for wall decoration and for textiles in a living space to the rhythm of urban life.

Decorative motifs and accessories in English style

deco wallpaper wallcovering English style

So there are so many decorative possibilities for the rooms of the house of those who like the style of our neighbors across the Channel. And, for even more inspirations on this theme, we invite you to discover all of our ideas for a decoration in English style with the following images.

English style interior

english furniture fabric decoration dining room

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