Ikea Kallax shelf: different ideas how to use it

shelf Ikea idees deco

We all know that at Ikea we can find beautiful and quality furniture at very reasonable prices. Minimalist, elegant, chic and very versatile, Ikea furniture is perfect for those who love modern and practical interiors.

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Today we will give you some interesting and original ideas how to use the shelf Ikea Kallax in your home.

Ikea shelf for the decoration of the modern living room

shelf Ikea decoration salon

The shelf Ikea Kallax is a perfect piece for the nursery and you can use it to store and organize your little ones toys or books. The smallest shelf in the Kallax series can also be used as a bedside table if you want to add a touch of femininity to your bedroom. Want to redecorate the living room? Then integrate the Kallax shelf into the decoration by filling it with original decorative objects of eclectic style.

Interior decor in black and white with small shelf by Ikea

Ikea shelf modern design

No matter if it's a painting or sculpture workshop, the Kallax shelf can work wonders for art lovers who need to organize their work materials. We love the idea of ​​putting two large shelves next to each other to create an even more impressive look. But of course, do not forget the obvious - the bookshelf is perfect for a library where you can store your favorite books. Coordinate books by color for a more interesting effect. Here are some more creative ideas in pictures:

Modern living room with Kallax shelf

shelf Ikea storage idea

Ikea shelf used as a library

shelf Ikea deco bookcase

Idea of ​​decor with Kallax shelf by Ikea

deco shelf modern storage glasses

Modern living room with Kallax shelf in black

deco living room and shelf modern Ikea

Child room decoration idea with shelf by Ikea

child's bedroom shelf design

Baby room decorated with Kallax shelf

shelf child room idea

The Kallax shelf in green for the child's room

shelf ikea deco child room

Ikea shelf modern design

shelf Ikea idee library

shelves ikea part separator

modern shelf bedroom deco

storage rack original idea

shelf caster deco living room

shelf living room design Ikea

room separator room

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