Imitation wood outdoor tiles: an Italian art

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Italy is known for its high quality tiles. This article presents five manufacturers of imitation wood outdoor tile and their collections: Ceramiche di Pisa Flaviker , Cedormus Ceramiche , Rex Cerart , Italgraniti Group and Fap Ceramiche . The Italy has a long history in the production of high quality porcelain tiles that are used for both floor and wall covering. Thanks to the new technologies of tile production, this country is today a leader in this field and manufactures more than 40 percent of the tiles on sale internationally. The five manufacturers we chose to present to you today, have a long history in creating tiles of all types. These are always characterized by their beauty, elegance and originality.

The imitation wood outdoor tiles - Italian tradition

imitation wood tiles for terraces

Fap Ceramiche exists since the sixties when it was founded in the city of Sassuolo, center of the manufacture of tiles in the Emilia-Romagna province. Since then, this company has been manufacturing valuable tiles for floor and wall coverings. Today, Fap Ceramiche offers a wide range of tiles for indoors and outdoors that are made with attention to detail. In the photos below, we present three collections of this brand that are intended for outdoor and indoor flooring. They belong to the series imitation wood outdoor tile and exist in several shades, from light to dark woods. The Docks collection reproduces the effect of wood that is experienced and worn over time with all the benefits of porcelain stoneware; it is available for indoor and outdoor floors. The Nuances collection features imitation tiles made of porcelain stoneware with parquet effect that can be used for indoor and outdoor floors. The Desert collection offers pretty textures and a full range of tiles for different uses.

Imitation wood outdoor terrace tiles by Cedromus

outdoor imitation wood floor tiles

Cerdomus was founded more than forty years ago in Italy. Since then, she has been producing porcelain stoneware tiles in keeping with the trends of contemporary architecture and creating cutting-edge, high-quality products that are appreciated by an international clientele. Cerdomus guarantees a 50-year lifespan for its products that are made with respect for the environment and that do not release any harmful chemicals into the spaces they decorate. The tiles of this company are also 100 percent recyclable and contribute to climate protection, with an energy efficiency of up to 30 percent. For outdoor imitaion wood tiling, Cerdomus offers the Basic, Club and Wood collections, as well as Tahoe and Stage Pointe that offer pretty imitations of parquet available for flooring both indoors and outdoors.

Imitation wood outdoor Taiga terrace tile by Rex Cerart

outdoor tile terrace imitation wood

Rex Cerart is a company from the Modena region, created in the 1960s. Since then, it has specialized in the production of floor and wall coverings. It is a brand of great prestige, renowned for the manufacture of glazed porcelain stoneware and paying particular attention to its aesthetics. Its production is intended in particular for the private and residential use. Today, Rex Cerart is inspired by natural materials, such as wood, marble, stone and ivory to create a wide range of tiles and meet the demands for more authentic interiors and close to nature. Rex Cerart offers a series of tiles for exterior floors and interiors imitating the wood effect with parquet or boards look with its Taiga, Visions, Selection Oak, Slate and Le Roche di Rex collections of which you will find illustrations below.

Imitation wood outdoor tile by Rex Cerart with parquet effect

parquet imitation wood outdoor tile

Italgraniti Group is the result of the merger of the companies Impronta and Italgraniti and has existed since 1975. This company enjoys a great reputation in the field of the production of outdoor and indoor tiles. The company offers a complete range of high quality tiles, able to meet the current requirements of durable, practical and beautiful products. At the same time, Italgraniti Group is strongly committed to a respectable production of nature. Its collections Stone Mix, Mineral D, Listone D and Deserto, presented here in pictures, offer aesthetic and original solutions for flooring and walls with imitation wood effect and a rich choice of shades. These collections are characterized by their flexibility of use and their durability, qualities that make them suitable for private outdoor and indoor spaces, but also for public spaces.

Selection Oak imitation wood tile with outdoor terrace

exterior imitation wood flooring

Ceramiche di Pisa Flaviker is known as a reference point for technical floor products made in Italy. It offers collections in colored porcelain stoneware, with a very large choice of formats and finishes for indoors and outdoors. By combining technology with a desire for innovation and attention for natural materials, this company has been able to develop products with interesting visual effects imitating wood, stone and marble without neglecting the creation of contemporary and original solutions. With its Urban Wood collection, of which we offer images here, Flaviker offers several types of imitation wood floor tiles for floors and walls with beautiful shades ranging from white wood to antique wood look.

Imitation wood tile for interior and exterior of the Nuances collection by Fap Ceramiche

wood terrace tiling

So, convinced for your choice of outdoor imitation wood floor tiles? To learn more about the various collections that embody the Italian art of making aesthetic tiles and high quality, see all the images below.

Wood flooring tiles for parquet flooring, Stage Pointe collection by Cedromus

outdoor tile garden wooden flooring

Imitation wood outdoor tile with beautiful terrace, Taiga collection by Rex Cerart

wood flooring ideas for outdoor

Light wood imitation tile from the Stone Mix collection by Italgraniti Group

wood tiles for terrace ideas renovation

Dark wood imitation teak tile, Taiga collection by Rex Cerart

tiles for garden ideas imitation wood

Terrace with imitation wood paneling, Selection Oak collection by Rex Cerart

tiles imitating wood flooring terraces

Imitation wood floor tile from the Docks collection for outdoor and indoor Fap Ceramiche

ideas interior wood flooring

Light Wood imitation tile for exterior and interior of the Urban Wood Collection by Flaviker

outdoor tile imitation wood flooring terrace

Imitation Natural Wood Plank Tiles, Urban Wood Indoor and Outdoor Collection by Flaviker

imitation tiling ideas for outdoor

Imitation wood floor tile on outdoor terrace, Cedric Club Collection

tiling planks for exterior imitations of wood

Imitation wood plank tile, indoor and outdoor collection Docks by Fap Ceramiche

imitation wood tile for interior

Imitation wood outdoor tiles at the edge of a Selection Oak pool by Rex Cerart

tile pool outdoor flooring

Imitation wood terrace tile with pool Nuances by Fap Ceramiche

pool tile wood planks

Outdoor tile with wood effect and pool, Nuances collection by Fap Ceramiche

pool tiles imitation wood flooring

Wood imitation wood floor tile with parquet effect, Wood collection by Cedromus

stone wood outdoor parquet

Imitation wood imitation wood, exterior and interior, Urban Wood collection by Flaviker

beige tiles imitations of wood flooring

Wooden floor effect tile, collection for outdoor and indoor Nuances de Fap Ceramiche

outdoor wood tiles garden landscaping

Flooring with imitation natural wood floor tiles, exterior and interior collection Nuances by Fap Ceramiche

parquet stone imitation wood floor

Tiled floor with imitation natural wood effect, Nuances collection by Fap Ceramiche

imitation wood tiles for terrace

Exterior Tiles Detail with Dark Natural Wood Effect, Nuances Collection by Fap Ceramiche

outdoor decoration ideas soil

Imitation Natural Wood Flooring for Outdoor and Indoor Docks Collection by Fap Ceramiche

tiling imitation wood flooring ideas

Mineral D Collection Outdoor Tile Flooring by Italgraniti Group

tiles imitating wood for terrace

Tiled floor of the Listone D collection by Italgraniti Group

flooring for wood pools

Imitation wood and parquet effect outdoor floor tiles, Listone D Deserto collection by Italgraniti Group

granite for exterior floor tiles parquet

Terrace with imitation wood planks, Le Roche di Rex collection by Rex Cerart

tile for terrace flooring trompe oeil

Garden with tiled floor imitation wood and parquet effect, Selection Oak collection by Rex Cerart

garden decoration floor parquet and tiles

Urban Wood imitation wood outdoor tile by Flaviker

garden landscaping outdoor tile

Wood imitation wood floor tiles by Cedromus

outdoor tile pool imitation dark wood

Tiles imitating wooden floor from the Nuances collection for outdoor and indoor floors by Fap Ceramiche

terracotta wood tiles for interiors

Docks Collection by Fap Ceramiche, imitation wood floor tiles

tile-exterior imitation-wood-interior-docks-fapceramiche

Urban Wood Flaviker Tile Flooring imitating Wood Planks

imitation wood tiles terrace cladding

Soil with dark wood effect, Stone Mix collection by Italgraniti Group

tiles for outdoor wood floors

Floor with imitation dark wood floor tiles Docks by Fap Ceramiche

durable tile terrace floors

Tiles with dark wood effect for exterior and interior by Fap Ceramiche

tile-exterior imitation-wood-interior-dark-fap-Ceramiche

Garden flooring with dark wood imitation outdoor tiling, Club Collection by Cedromus

flooring for wood gardens

Tiles imitating dark wood, Ardoise collection by Rex Cerart

ideas for black terrace floor

Urban Wood Flooring Detail with Tiles by Flaviker

terrace design ideas soil

Garden with imitation wood outdoor tile Docks by Fap Ceramiche

colors tile grounds garden grounds

Terrace with tile floor imitating Desert wood from Fap Ceramiche

patio decoration wooden flooring

Wall tiles with tiles from the Docks interior and exterior collection by Fap Ceramiche

decoraions terrace tiles wall covering

Light wood imitation tile floor Urban Wood collection of indoor and outdoor by Flaviker

flooring for wood flooring imitation tiles

Light Wood Floor Tiles for Indoor and Outdoor Urban Wood by Flaviker

light wood interior tile

Tahoe floor with imitation wood floor tiles and parquet effect by Cedromus

tiles imitating light parquet floor idea garden

Tahoe Collection Outdoor and Indoor Tile Flooring by Cedromus

decoration original floor tile

Indoor and outdoor flooring with tiling Stage Pointe by Cedromus

wooden floor tile design for terrace decoration

Stair Flooring with Outdoor Club Tiles by Cedromus

flooring wood exterior staircase

Floor with tiles imitating natural wood, Urban Wood collection for exterior and interior by Flaviker

imitation wood for home furnishing tiles

Natural wood effect wall tiles with natural wood effect for Urban Wood exterior and interior by Flaviker

home decoration wall tile idea bathroom

Imitation wood outdoor tile, Ardoise collection by Rex Cerart

imitation of wood for deco white terrace

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