Imitation wood outdoor tiles: tips and original ideas

outdoor tile imitation wood small garden

If you have decided to use a imitation wood outdoor tile to decorate and renovate your garden or terrace, you made a good choice. This type of tile is the latest trend in outdoor decor and it's easy to see why.

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The imitation wood outdoor tile will help you create a natural and very beautiful finish. In addition, it is very easy to maintain and very accessible. But with all the variations that exist on the market, it's sometimes hard to know where to start. We hope this article will give you some ideas and helpful tips for choosing your tile.

Imitation wood outdoor tile for the terrace by Yurtbay Seramik

exterior imitation wood tile Yurtbay Seramik

The imitation wood outdoor tile is a tile that strongly resembles a wooden floor covering. In the case where you have just started your search, there are a multitude of places where you can find inspiration, for example, in the photos you will find in this article. Then analyze the decor and architecture of your home and outdoor to determine what type of tile is the most appropriate for you.

Imitation wood outdoor tile on terrace by Porcelanosa

imitation wood outdoor tile Porcelanosa idee

The tiling in light shades will help you to illuminate your veranda, terrace, garden or patio. Darker shades create a more exotic and luxurious decor.

Outdoor wood effect tile by Ceramica Rondine

imitation wood outdoor tile Ceramica Rondine terrace

Bleached imitation wood tiles are perfect for vintage style decoration, inspired by the decoration with recycled materials. And the warm shades are ideal for creating a natural look that will always be fashionable. It's always a good idea to ask for some samples in the store and then try them at home.

Outdoor decoration with imitation parquet floor tiles by Ceramica Rondine

imitation wood outdoor tile Ceramica Rondine modern

Choosing an outdoor tile with a smooth or textured surface will depend entirely on your personal taste and the space you are going to decorate. Many tiles have a smooth surface designed to mimic that of the wooden floor.

Outdoor terrace design idea with wood effect tiles

imitation wood outdoor tile

These tiles go well with almost all types of architecture and exterior decoration. There are also textured tiles that are for those who want to give character to their decor.

Ideas how to decorate your exterior with tiling

outdoor tile imitation wood design

These tiles are perfect for outdoor decoration because they are not slippery when it rains or if they are put around the pool, for example.

Modern outdoor tile

modern imitation wood floor tiles YURTBAY SERAMIK

It's easy to believe that larger tiles are a better choice, but that's not necessarily true. Small tiles are up to 60 cm in length. They are very versatile and can be put almost everywhere. You can use them if you have a small terrace or porch, for example.

Design terrace with pool and tiles by Porcelanosa

outdoor tile imitation wood idea Porcelanosa

The medium-sized tile that goes up to 90 cm in length, is perfect for open house extensions where you can really appreciate the decor.

Beautiful outdoor tile by Ceramica Rondine

outdoor tile imitation wood idea Ceramica Rondine

Large tiles help improve the perception of space. And large-sized tiles up to 120 cm create a very contemporary and realistic floor. They are the perfect choice for large outdoor spaces.

Design terrace deco with tiles by Ceramica Rondine

imitation wood design outdoor tile Ceramica Rondine

Many people opt for tiling with staggered joints for a classic and more realistic look. This decoration has an eternal charm - no matter if it is a larger or smaller space.

Modern garden driveway with tiles by European Heritage

exterior tile imitation wood deco European heritage

It is important not to offset the joints too much since some tiles sometimes move slightly.

Terrace of interesting design with imitation parquet floor tiles by Marazzi

imitation outdoor tile imitation parquet light shade MARAZZI

If you use smaller tiles, another great idea is to place them as a herring stop. It will take a little more time to lay your tiled zig zag, but the result will please you and you will give a personal touch to your decor. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from our carefully selected photos for you.

Deco of terrace with outdoor tiling effect wood bleached by Ceramica Rondine

imitation wood outdoor tile park Ceramica Rondine

One of the biggest advantages of imitation wood tiles is that you can easily use it for your walls as well as for your floors.

Modern outdoor decoration with tiles by Yurtbay Seramik

exterior imitation wood tile dark shade YURTBAY SERAMIK

What's better than putting it in your garden? Its natural appearance is in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature and it is much less expensive than a real wood flooring.

Terrace decoration with light-colored wood effect tiles by Iris Ceramica

light effect wood effect tile IRIS CERAMICA

The exterior imitation wood floor tiles come in many colors and looks, perfect for every terrace and garden. This gives a pure and natural appearance easy to maintain.

Modern terrace with wooden furniture and tiles by Rovere Abbazia

exterior tile design Rovere Abbazia

The imitation wood exterior tile is one of the key trends to capture the beauty of natural wood and combining it with the durability of porcelain tiles, so that you can give each piece the elegant look of wood.

outdoor tile with wood effect GERFLOR

The choice of tiles must be made according to the final result you want to achieve, and according to the layout of each place, to create a uniform and harmonious effect.

exterior tile IDEE REALONDA

The important thing is that in the end you create your own personal style.

imitation wood bleached outdoor tile Yellowstone

We are all familiar with the beauty and elegance of imitation wood floor tiles, but we often underestimate how difficult it is to keep them in good condition, to prevent them from deteriorating and to preserve their beauty. But with a little more perseverance it's not difficult.

imitation wood design outdoor tile CERAMICA SANTAGOSTINO BLENDARRT

Whatever style you choose, think carefully about the final result. Opt for the color and the most appropriate design for your outdoor location.

imitation wood outdoor tile Rondine

And keep in mind that large tile is more suitable for larger spaces, while small tile is ideal for small outdoor terraces.

outdoor imitation wood patio tile TMK tiles

imitation wood floor imitation wood

outdoor tile imitation wood texture MASPE

outdoor tile imitation wood veranda Marazzi

imitation vintage wood outdoor tile Ceramica Rondine

modern imitation wood outdoor tile Quercia Bianca

modern outdoor tile Marazzi

parquet imitation tile COUNTRY WOOD SABBIA

imitation parquet floor design Ragno

imitation parquet tile outdoor MASPE

Italian floor tiles Italiangres

imitation modern parquet floor tile Ragno

imitation parquet tile dark shade Ceramica Fioranese

modern tile idea Grestec Tiles

contemporary design patio tile Maspe

interesting design terrace tile Marazzi

interesting design terrace tile Maspe

modern design terrace tile Maspe

original design terrace tile Maspe

wood effect deck tile MASPE

parquet effect terrace tile Ceramica Rondine

terrace tile idee Maspe

imitation wood terrace tile Maspe

modern terrace tile pool Maspe

pool tile pool effect wood MASPE

exterior tile texture Marazzi

idea modern outdoor tile Pamesa

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