Indoor and outdoor vertical garden: a real space saving

vertical garden photo outdoor terrace

An increasingly current trend, the vertical garden, invites itself outside as well as inside. It is essential to the city and the countryside for one simple reason: the gain of place.

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By taking advantage of the vertical dimension, we gain even more space. Some cultures adapt very well to a small space and live very well in a vertical vegetable garden. If you want to know how to achieve a successful vertical garden, we invite you to discover our selection of 75 examples of vertical gardens.

Vertical garden in modern interior kitchen

vertical garden interior kitchen idea plant fixture suspension

It should be noted that the vertical garden technique does not apply to all fruits and vegetables. Some require a significant depth of land. The vertical vegetable garden is ideal for small crops and plants aromatics. At the vegetable level, you can grow salads, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and others. At the fruit level, strawberries adapt most easily. Regular watering is necessary, as is the case with potted plants. Sometimes the soil dries out quickly enough. Finally, consider ensuring your garden a sunny location.

Kitchen with small vertical garden

vertical-garden-interior-modern apartment

The pocket vegetable garden is one of the most productive examples. A large number of plants live very well with the conditions of this type of plantation. You can turn your old fabric shoe rack into rows of buckets to plant seedlings .. A vertical garden can be installed on the balcony, terrace and in kitchens. To get a cascade of greenery, it will simply stack 5 pots increasing size. Wooden pallets are perfect for creating an original green wall. Several objects can be used to create a real mural masterpiece. With cans or bottles, you can create a modern breeze view with colorful plant touches.

Modern living room with pretty vertical vegetable garden

contemporary interior garden vertical idea armchair gray white shelf wood

Cultivating vegetables in pots and then hanging them up on a structure is also a possibility, close to the kitchen garden. You can also use cans. Do not forget to pierce them at the bottom. An original idea of ​​recovery is the reuse of plastic bottles. You can cut them in half and then suspend them with ropes. Avoid transparent plastic bottles because in general the roots of plants do not like light.

White interior kitchen with vertical wooden kitchen garden

vertical garden kitchen wood interior design idea white

Vegetable gardens balconnières are perfect for aromatic plants. To make a vertical garden, simply superimpose them. In this way, you will optimize the space. Another idea, very original, is the vegetable garden on a pallet of wood. The new trend of making furniture with pallets is here too! There are two ways to use a wooden palette to create a vertical vegetable garden: create pots in the palette or put the plants between the planks of the palette. You can also make a plant wall with plants and vegetables . The principle is a little more sophisticated than that of the wooden pallet. Finally, if it is your outdoor garden, a great idea is the climbing vegetables. A very simple principle that only requires the selection of climbing plants or growing in height such as beans, peas, tomatoes and others.

Vertical garden with palette of colored wood in red

vertical garden wooden pallet idea flower pots

Large vertical garden

vertical outdoor garden green plant idea

Green wall

yellow sofa interior wall vegetable sofa design sofa white coffee table

Contemporary interior with large plant wall

interior wall plant idea deco plants

Vertically stacked flower beds

kitchen garden idea kitchen kitchen island central wood light fixture black suspension

Original DIY idea with jars of jam

vegetable wall idea cooking pots

Fabric shoe rack transformed into a vertical kitchen garden

shoe rack idea vegetable vertical design

Green wall in an interior

indoor plant wall idea

Wooden planters stacked on a window

vegetable garden wall window idea wood garden vertical

vertical garden wall idea

decoration garden vertical object golden metal succulents

herbs idea flowerpot deco plant wall

garden palette wood red burgundy plant flowerpot

vertical wall garden plant idea landscaping

vertical garden wall idea flowerpot

vertical garden aromatic flowers idea landscaping

outdoor garden vertical idea space saving

outdoor plant wall idea plant succulent

vertical wall plant idea indoor

vertical garden bottle plastic pallet in white wood

vertical gardens idea plant wall stairs black white design sofa

outdoor garden vertical idea plant water basin

vertical gardens idea landscaping wooden pallet plants

vertical garden idea flowers plants flowerpot

vertical garden idea original flowers

vertical garden idea table wooden chair wooden lamp design

green wall interior idea landscaping plant

vegetable garden interior idea living room furniture armchair

decoration wall plant idea indoor plant wooden table stone flowers bouquet

idea garden vertical pallet wood succulent plant

garden palette idea landscaping vertical modern plant pot of flowers

vertical garden idea arrangement plant succulent flowerpot

plant wall decoration plants idea

baque with flowers vertical plant wall garden

vertical gardens idea wood plants outdoor garden

plant wall decoration plant idea

table plant plant idea bed deco wall

outdoor modern vegetable board flowerpot idea

vertical garden idea original flowerpot plants modern

plant wall idea succulent plant

vertical garden outdoor idea flowerpot baque

vertical gardens idea pallet wood succulents

vegetable board original idea decor wall dining room

wooden pallet idea flowers vertical gardens

vegetable wall foam idea flowers plant succulent

green wall interior idea palette wood wall deco original

vertical garden idea flower pots wood landscaping idea vertical gardens

succulents small garden idea landscaping

balcony idea landscaping wooden pallet plant diy

succulent wood frame idea wall vertical plant original

original idea shower vertical vertical vegetation

walk-in shower garden vertical idea

decoration wall vegetation small vertical space

idea vegetable garden vertical interior exterior wood design

plant wall decoration patchwork idea plant

interior flowers vertical plant wall

modern interior plant wall plant deco interior vertical

wooden frame idea vertical gardens succulents

succulents plant wall idea

idea plant wall flowerpot ceramic flowers

vertical gardens outdoor interior modern idea DIY

vertical interior garden idea dining room

outdoor dining room outdoor garden vertical landscaping

interior decoration flowerpot vertical idea decoration

original vertical garden idea pot of aromatic flowers

vertical garden idea corner office deco nature

vertical garden facade design house

vertical garden ideas green plants

vertical garden wood plant idea watering brick wall

vertical garden wall original decoration

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