Indoor garden: an oasis in the heart of the house

indoor garden shaded terrace

A indoor garden is an exceptional decorative element that will transform your House in a palace. In addition to the aesthetic appearance with strong impact, it is an ideal way to purify the air ambient of our homes, which according to specialists, has reached a point of pollution worthy of an American artery clogged at rush hour.

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The famous VOCs, volatile organic compounds, are obviously largely responsible for the poor quality of our ambient air. inside , but not only.

indoor garden cascading

vegetable decoration idea mezzanine

With the advent of excessive insulation, the internal renewal of air can not be achieved effectively, if you add the fine particles in suspension, which come from the dust imported from outside, or related to the use of 'an open fire, you get a pretty alarming picture of the domestic environment that you breathe.

allows the renewal of ambient air

patio type indoor garden

An indoor garden is an excellent excuse to bring, in a very modern or minimalist house, various textures from the natural elements of the decor and the materials used. If you add to this plant treasure the fact that it participates in the negative ionization air, which as its name does not indicate, is very beneficial for breathing, especially people with asthma, you will be delighted to learn that your choice regarding the development of an indoor garden is very wise .

participates in the negative ionization of the air, which is beneficial

japanese zen garden

We offer a selection of photos of indoor gardens, fully or partially, with access to the garden, in a wide variety of styles and decorations. From the minimalist garden to the Japanese garden, from the modern conceptual garden to the more rustic winter garden, indoor greenery will be the ideal answer if you feel overwhelmed by concrete, or so technological materials that you feel like you're living. in a soulless environment. Or simply to bring a touch of warmth and nature for unparalleled moments of relaxation, to relax or reconnect.

bring a touch of nature

indoor garden roof window

air purification

green decorating idea bath room

a strong aesthetic impact

patio pond tree

an exclusive decoration

interior design Zen garden

little space is needed

garden design

a link between inside and outside

deco house shrubs

green wall gardens of babylone paris

deco idea bay window

green patio house

indoor garden well light

indoor garden open-space

indoor garden house Anastasia Arquitetos Brazil

invasive vegetation abandoned building

interior garden light supply

indoor garden aquatic element

decorating idea corner plants

vegetable light well

indoor garden type open space

indoor garden different shrubs

terrace with greenery

green decor idea

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