Indoor green plants: nature in our daily lives

indoor green plants idea dining room deco plant

Plants are a real pleasure in our interiors. Often depolluting and refreshing, indoor green plants embody nature in our daily lives.

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You have to think about installing the plants in a room that best meets their needs. The bathroom, for example, is a humid and perfect place for orchids. The Dracaena are very fond of drafts, why not install them in your lobby?

Indoor Green Plants: Pentamerous Corynocarpus Laevigatus

green indoor plants idea living room decor

Light is essential if you want your plants to be healthy! There is no plant that can thrive in a dark place, devoid of light and air. Depending on the orientation of your apartment or house, your windows may be exposed to subdued, bright, indirect or full light. Find out which plants will best match the conditions in your home. The little light may be suitable for some green plants, while flowering plants feed primarily on light.

Pretty green house plants: Alocasia

indoor green plants idea living room deco armchair

The location of the plants is based on the orientation of the windows. If your windows are facing north, the light is dimmed. It will be perfect for Scindapsus, Dracaena, Asparagus, Pothos, Corynocarpus and others. These plants must be at least 2m near the window.

Indoor green plants: Scindapsus

indoor green plants idea flower pot deco original

If your apartment is oriented to the east, then you should benefit from the soft rays of the sun in the morning. The temperature should not be very high. The air is certainly cool towards the end of the afternoon. These climatic conditions are perfect for many plants tropical . This subdued light will please the Alocasia, Kentia and Philodendron.

Indoor green plants: alocasia likes subdued light

indoor green plants potted interior decoration idea

A west-facing apartment is usually very bright without receiving direct sunlight. This light will appeal to green plants and some flowering plants: Schefflera, Cycas, Spathyphillum and others.

The Schefflera plant is perfect for west-facing apartments

green indoor plant schefflera flowerpot

A south-facing apartment receives a lot of light from the windows. Too much sun is not very healthy for plants. In summer it can become very hot. If you live in the southern region of France and you have a very sunny apartment, it will be necessary to protect your plants with an opaque veil. All plants will feel good in a south-facing room if you respect them well. terms location: sufficient distance from the window, maintaining a pleasant temperature in the room.

The kentia is native to Oceania. It is a palm tree that belongs to the family of arecaceae . This plant has a nice decorative effect. Its long, thin leaves are of intense green. She is elegant. The kentia is a plant decontaminating e.

Indoor green plant palm tree Kentia

houseplant kentia palm idea

Medinilla is native to the tropical forests of the Philippines. Its flower stalks appear at the top of the twigs in late spring. In general, this plant blooms from April to August. The flower buds are of a sweet and tender pink. This shrub can live for many years.

Indoor tropical plant: Medinilla

tropical green plants indoor flowering plant

The philodendron, also like the kentia, is a plant belonging to the family of arecaceae . She is very pretty, but beware of children and animals, she can be toxic. Most species come from Central America. In general, it has flowers, but rarely flowers in an apartment. In reality, its flowers are not very beautiful. They can only appear on very old plants.

Indoor plant: Philodendron

indoor plant green apartment philodendron

Original houseplant idea: The asparagus will please well in an orientation apartment in the North

green indoor plants asparagus

Do you like asparagus?

indoor green plant asparagus

Dracaena Sanderiana is a species of Dracaena native to Cameroon. It is often considered a plant that brings luck, peace and happiness. It is adaptive and undemanding. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Dracaena Sanderiana: plant native to Cameroon

indoor green plants Dracaena Sanderiana

Corynocarpus is a plant native to New Zealand. It produces small flowers and orange fruits. In nature, it can reach more than ten meters. Installed inside, it reaches only 2-3 m. Pay attention because it is very toxic by ingestion.

Corynocarpus Laevigatus

indoor plant appart house idea Corynocarpus Laevigatus

Invite nature into your home

indoor green plants flowerpot interior idea appart

Which plant to choose? The most beautiful !

Indoor Green Plants Pentamerous Corynocarpus Laevigatus

The alocasia is a very pretty plant

Indoor green plants Alocasia apartment

Plants purify the air

indoor green plants apartment scindapsus

And decorate the interior beautifully!

indoor green plant appart alocasia

indoor green plants kentia palm flower pot

indoor green plants pothos in green tray

indoor green plants pothos flower pot

green plant interior idea pothos

indoor plant lobromsolo orange flower pot

green plant inside palm

interior plant plant flower pots

appart indoor plant idea

green inner plant flowerpot epipremnum

houseplant alocasia

House plant Scindapsus Pictus

green plant indoor red houseplant anthurium

houseplant Philodendron scandens

green indoor plant apartment

indoor green plant palm flowerpot cycas

green orchid interior plant

indoor green plant philodendron

indoor plant green pothos plant

green houseplant flowerpot schefflera

green red tropical plant inside apartment

indoor green plants indoor tropical flower pot

indoor green plant dracaena tropical plant

indoor plant flower pot palm kentia

indoor plant with flowers

tropical interior plant appart

indoor green plants house vegetation indoor plant apartment idea

indoor plant green plants croton

green inner plants alocasia

indoor green plants flat vegetation green plant indoor

indoor green plant alocasia

green house plants Asparagus Myersii

indoor green plants kentia flower pot

indoor green plant of apartment Philodendron Camposportoanu

green plant indoor house apartment

green indoor plants green flowerpot

green indoor plants apartment flowerpot

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