Industrial luminaire: the Giant Collection by Anglepoise

modern outdoor industrial luminaire

Coinciding with Roald Dahl's centennial year, as the original inspiration point of the Giant range, the wide collection of luminaries now includes the Giant Outdoor Collection by Anglepoise - a industrial luminaire in the form of wall sconce with exterior and interior version, the collection of three pieces, called Giant Brass Collection and the interpretation of the iconic Type 75 bedside lamp.

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The Original 1227 floor lamp is also available again in different colors.

Elegant Industrial Light in Black by Anglepoise

industrial luminaire floor lamp interior design

For the first time, the Giant Collecion has been reconfigured for outdoor use by incorporating stainless steel bases, a sealed body and a durable silicone rubber cable. Large enough to impress but also suitable for small spaces, the Giant Outdoor collection which includes a floor lamp and a wall light available in 15 colors, is a flexible option for outdoor use.

Modern industrial style floor lamp

industrial luminaire floor lamp original design

The large version of the Original 1227 Brass, the new Original 1227 Giant Brass Collection features finely crafted but strong brass components and a fabric-covered cable to create a luxurious aesthetic collection. Composed of a floor lamp, a wall lamp and a pendant lamp, the collection has as main element the solid brass block that appears on the wall and floor lamp. Here are some pictures of these beautiful industrial style fixtures:

Design pendant lamps for the dining room

industrial luminaire interior pendant lamps

Elegant floor lamp in white for the living room

industrial interior lighting deco

Industrial style red pendant lamp

pendant lamp modern dining room

Elegant pendant lamp in white

modern industrial style pendant lamp

Outdoor wall light in red

modern outdoor wall light

Large lamp post of modern design

black industrial modern design floor lamp

Elegant floor lamp in bright yellow

modern industrial design floor lamp

floor lamp modern design interior

modern outdoor floor lamp design

contemporary design floor lamp

modern floor lamp original design

industrial design table lamp

modern industrial design lamps

industrial style pendant lamps

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