Industrial style decor in an elegant apartment

deco industrial style apartment

While the renovation of old buildings is becoming very popular in large cities where space is a priority. Deco industrial style Modern seems almost like a must.

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It is indeed a practical way to integrate the original construction and the functionality of the space into the modern decoration and the result is always impressive. The apartment that we will present in this article incorporates all the luxury of a contemporary interior wrapped in a Deco industrial style design. It is very elegant and symbolizes the constant reinvention of urban life.

Deco industrial style of modern apartment

deco industrial style elegant fireplace

Concrete, coated steel and infinite wood are some of the perfect ingredients in this original interior. But unlike many others industrial interiors , this one does not avoid the colors with a decorative theme in gray and yellow which gives a very strong personality to the decoration. The practical and modern furniture makes this apartment very elegant. The modular sofa is an excellent choice for such a spacious interior.

Living room decoration with concrete walls and bricks

deco industrial style metal staircase

The yellow ottoman has a rough texture that combines very well with the general theme of decoration. Hidden in one of the corners of the living room, a small geometric chair with concrete base and a metal seat draws the eye to a small workspace. The decor of the kitchen on the other hand is very minimalist and its only decoration is made from the materials of which it is built like concrete furniture and wood with natural finish. Instead of using a kitchen backsplash, the designer opted for a full wall of corrugated glass.

Modern living room with workspace in one of the corners

deco industrial style workspace

The decor of the bedroom is also very original. The corrugated glass above the bed reflects the light in the room. The extensive library is made accessible by a small minimalist scale and the design stools make the decoration even more practical. Bricks painted black make the bathroom decor more sophisticated and elegant. Everything seems perfectly combined in this beautiful apartment. Look at the:

Modern design living room with elegant furniture

modern interior industrial style decor

Living room deco with modular sofa

deco style industrial living room

Minimalist kitchen with concrete furniture

deco style industrial modern kitchen

Kitchen design deco idea

deco style industrial kitchen design

Bedroom decorated in gray and yellow

modern bedroom decoration industrial style

Industrial style hallway decoration

deco apartment hallway industrial style

modern design apartment deco

deco industrial modern apartment

modern design apartment decoration

interior decoration sports hall

elegant modern library decoration

bathroom decoration concrete

deco modern bathroom interesting

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