Industrial style kitchen with clean lines by Minacciolo

Natural Skin Kitchen by Minacciolo Elegance in Dark Tone

Natural Skin is the name of this wonderful cuisine of industrial style designed by Minacciolo . In the design there is something quite classic and, at the same time, a lot of modernity.

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of the work plans exclusive, from 2 to 20mm, a beautiful contrast produced by the mix of light and dark furniture, and of course, the touch of industrial style visible throughout the design - all these elements make Natural Skin a kitchen that deserves attention and your time.

An elegant kitchen in a neat industrial style

elegant kitchen industrial style neat dark key

The fittings , appliance buttons and other small or large details are designed specifically for this kitchen. Like for example the tomato color you see on kitchen appliances - it's Domino Tomato, a design specifically created for this Minacciolo design. You will never go wrong with hot and cold water - the faucets are well distinguished. respectively in red and black.

The unique cooking plates always in the industrial style

industrial style single hotplates red black

There is plenty of storage space - you have large closets and plenty of storage space because in a kitchen you always need more space. The design remains super elegant and elaborate, you drink it in the pantry which is not simply a tool of storage but a real designer furniture. You also have a fairly wide choice of colors for your furniture. But no matter what you choose, Natural Skin wood will always have that fine, charming look.

Super stylish pantry in dark tones


The drawers are wide and contain all your utensils

wide drawers contain all your utensils beautiful industrial design

The furniture is quite square and simple but very elegant

industrial style rather simple square furniture but very elegant

The design of the cupboards is simplistic and practical

closets simplistic and practical industrial space style

The beautiful contrast of light and dark elements

beautiful contrast dark light elements design furniture cupboards

An overview of work plans

preview contemporary work plans kitchen interior design

Unique faucets in red and black from Natural Skin

Industrial Faucets Single Red and Black Natural Skin

The large square cupboard very stylish and practical

kitchen large closet square stylish and practical gray colors

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