Industrial style small apartment interior decoration

idea interior decoration apartment

The apartment we are visiting with this article is located in Ukraine. With its surface of less than 36 sqm, it is a successful home decoration model. The design project of this small space was led by One Studio, a team of Ukrainian designers, united in their desire to offer their customers ingenious decorating solutions even for smaller areas.

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Interior decoration of small apartment in Kharkov, Ukraine

small space interior decoration

The One Studio team works individually with all of its customers, striving first to understand their personal requirements. Then after a period of reflection and analysis - to submit their proposals. These are always awarded with the latest trends in the world of interior decoration and design. Professionals at One Studio are looking for finished products that are not only comfortable and practical, but also original.

Interior decoration small space of industrial style

ideas rooms interior decoration

Thanks to the personalized approach of these interior design specialists, this small apartment has been transformed into a very specific space. As can be seen from the pictures in our gallery, the apartment is dominated by the industrial style and the typical colors of this style: white, gray and black. Floor and wall coverings and wooden furniture soften the slightly rough atmosphere that characterizes the industrialist. Touches of bright red, found in every room of the house, give it a modern look.

Industrial design interior decoration by One Studio

interior design and decoration

As in all small spaces, here again, lighting plays a key role in highlighting the different decorative elements and making the whole apartment more welcoming. If you like the industrial style, you can take inspiration from the pictures of this interior for the decoration of your house:

Interior decoration of small apartment

small apartment interior decoration

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