Inground, semi-inground or above-ground garden pool?

modern garden pool idea

Do you want a pool in your garden? Have you already chosen your favorite type? Basic, both types of garden pool the most common are the above ground pool and inground pool.

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If you do not have patience to enjoy your pool, the most economical and fastest to install is the above ground pool. It is easily removable and you can install it in two or three days.

Semi-inground and wooden garden pool

garden semi-entrerre pool

The above ground pool is the perfect option if you only want it in the summer in your garden. If you have a small garden and little space you can easily store it once the sunny days are over. The in-ground pool is a long-lasting choice. It will require more investment and patience. It is, however, more comfortable, more luxurious and more expensive. To help you in your choice of garden pool that best suits your needs, we have selected for you 50 beautiful and inspiring examples.

Inground garden pool

modern hollowed garden pool

There is no specific technique for the installation of the above ground pool, which makes it easily and quickly ready for use. Depending on the type of pool above ground count between two and four days of installation. The storage is also very fast: deflating and garage! Prices vary. An above ground pool a little more expensive will guarantee you more comfort. If you want to keep it for many summers, it's good to choose a pool made of solid material. Beware of cheap inflatable pools, you risk to damage them quickly or use them only during a season.

Design and original garden pool

interesting design garden pool

Another inflatable family pool is the freestanding pool. It is perfect for green terrain. When filling water, it takes shape as and when. Pay attention to the surface. It must be flat. This type of pool is fragile. The pool kit also offers some comfort. There are very aesthetic models at very reasonable prices. Another option for above ground pools are those made of wood and steel. They are easy to maintain. The wood is very aesthetic. It will give a natural side and rustic to your outside.

Design semi-inground garden pool

contemporary design pool garden

If you want to invest in a pool that you will keep for several seasons, you need a pool. It is of course more expensive, but also more luxurious and comfortable. Before embarking on the adventure, be sure to obtain a building permit. You will need a team of professional masons.

Modern garden pool with waterfall fountain

design stone garden pool fontainte

Inground pools are more concrete or steel. The concrete is solid. You can customize yours by choosing dimensions, depth and shapes. Both options are an aesthetic choice.

Garden Pool Idea Aboveground and wooden

above ground wooden pool

The pool liner is one of the most important steps for the aesthetic appearance of your garden. This choice will determine the final appearance of your pool and the way of maintenance. The liner is the most resistant material. You can also opt for tiling in wood, stone, concrete and others.

Inground pool with small decorative waterfall fountain

idea landscaping outdoor wood deck chair fountain decorative waterfall

There are also semi-underground pools. It is a good between the pool and the pool above ground. It is a pool that is not entirely buried in the ground. It can be buried on one side and above ground on the other. It is also deeper than the above ground pool. It is suitable for slopes or terrain. It is a swimming pool with beautiful finishes. It still requires time and the intervention of a competent professional.

Swimming pool with decorative waterfall fountain in a beautifully landscaped garden

garden outdoor landscaping garden chair garden table a decorative waterfall fountain

Deco wooden deck with pool

garden pool modern design deck chair garden table cushions

Transparent modern pool

modern garden pool garden with pool

Swimming pool in a garden decorated with palms

idea landscaping outdoor pool lounge chair

Nice pool of rectangular shape

outdoor furniture terrace pool stone

Small pool on terrace

terrace pool garden chair

Pool with mosaic

small pool mosaic chaise longue stripes trend house

Small garden pool with wooden cladding

garden wood coating swimming pool cheap chaise longue

T-shaped pool

garden luxury pool house luxury designer lounge chair

Pool very luxurious

luxurious pool house expensive stone fountain decorative waterfall

large pool luxury home deco stone

pool for garden idea

garden with swimming pool

garden with pool above ground wood

outdoor pool idea stone concrete house

terrace pool deck chair garden with pool

outdoor landscaping garden pool stone deco plant flowers

semi-inground semi-inground swimming pool cheap swimming pool

large garden small pool cheap

outdoor landscaping semi-buried pool deco house design

terrace pool idea house garden

garden villa swimming pool expensive luxury

large garden with swimming pool

outdoor garden landscaping large stone pool

large garden pool buried stone garden sofa

house garden indoor pool

cheap pool garden maintenance

oriental pool sea house luxury expensive style lifestyle

Rectangular garden house landscaping

inground pool luxury home landscaping

pool garden fountain water deco

Pools and Garden Inground Pool House Lounger

cheap pool garden cheap chaise longue pools and gardens

idea swimming pool above ground cheap

large white steel pool

pool wood cheap garden

swimming pool outdoor landscaping cheap steel swimming pool

idea landscaping garden swimming pool wood cheap

above ground pool wood deco garden

pool stone garden expensive modern statuette

outdoor garden landscaping idea inground pool

stone cladding swimming pool garden

pool medium concrete garden landscaping

semi-inground pool wood landscaping

semi-inground garden swimming pool

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