Interior and small space design: 61 ideas for deco appart

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This publication examines 6 small spaces created by professional architects and decorators in 61 beautiful examples of interior and apartment design. In the text that follows, we will offer you some information about each of these apartments which are all of a surface of less than 30 square meters, and introduce you to the people who made them.

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You will also find a complete gallery of images of these spaces, as well as their plans in the gallery at the bottom of our article.

Interior and design: an industrial-style apartment by Yelena Potemkin

interior and design modern apartment layout

To begin, we invite you to a small apartment decorated by Yelena Potemkin in industrial style. The space in question is only 29 square meters and is completed by a mini-balcony. His owner wanted to make a nice studio for rent: an excellent idea that proves that there are indeed owners who are concerned about the comfort of tenants! To achieve this project, Yelena Potemkin has proposed simple and elegant furniture that aims to clear the interior space of any accessory that is not essential. Equipped with clever storage systems, these neutral color furniture offer plenty of storage possibilities for the occupants of this small interior. The pale green accents give a lively and sympathetic touch to this decor that would otherwise be too monotonous. The whole is complemented by geometric suspensions in industrial style that bring enough light into the corners farthest from the windows.

Interior and small space design by Catherine Remizov

interior and deco design trend

The following apartment is a creation by Catherine Remizov from Rem Interior. The talented decorator has given this small interior space, which is only 20 square meters, a chic and sophisticated look. The choice of color scheme and furniture played a vital role in the transformation of this apartment. In the main part of this mini luxury residence , neutral shades and pastel shades are combined with great success. Design furniture, such as the chair on the desk and the hanging above the kitchen bar, contribute to the creation of an elegant and inimitable ambience.

Design and interior: mini modern apartment by Stanislav Aynulov

small interior design deco space

The third interior space we visit occupies 28 square meters and has been designed by designer Stanislav Aynulov. The decoration of this apartment is characterized by a nice palette of soft colors. It is based on the perfect marriage between white and wood and is complemented by accessories such as the lighting and the painting that you see in the picture above. To visually increase space, Stanislav Aynulov relied on the organization of the surface in two levels but also on the effect of white color and geometric shapes. This pretty little house is equipped with plenty of hidden storage that is essential for interiors of this type.

Interior Decoration and Studio Design by Eugene Han

interior design small apartments

Let's turn now to our next indoor space: a 21 square meter studio by Eugene Han. It is a unique house: it is home to a family of three and is located in an old historic building. The decorator has shown great ingenuity and extraordinary creative potential to renovate this apartment and give it its current look.

Small space decoration: interior and design by Olga Chekmaryov

small spaces design studio

The beautiful interior space on the picture above is part of an apartment decorated by Olga Chekmaryov. It is located in a new building and, like the interior created by Yelena Potemkin, it aims to shelter tenants. They will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, successful thanks to the soft hues used in the decor. The presence of some green touches adds a little freshness to this open and harmonious space.

Photo of mini apartment with design and interior by Yulia Baranova

mini apartment interior decoration

The last apartment we explore in this publication was directed by Yulia Baranova. Like two of the designers in our previous examples, Yulia Baranova exploits shades of neutral colors and their ability to harmonize with the hues of the wood. Here again, we find the use of one or two bright colors that bring a little dynamism to the decor. The whole thing is complemented by interesting and successful space planning ideas: a bedroom set up on a second level and a work area placed in a niche with a very cozy atmosphere! Here are our 6 examples of interior design and design for small apartments that are no more than 30 square meters. If you have a studio or small apartment to develop, do not forget to look at all the pictures of these houses! You will find lots of details and interesting solutions:

Interior photo and small space design

interior and small spaces design

Interior decoration and small apartment design

interior and small apartment photo design

Interior design and industrial style apartment design

interior apartment and industrial design

Interior and design of small modern kitchen

interior and modern kitchen photo design

Interior idea and modern apartment design

interior modern deco and apartment design

Interior and open kitchen design with small area

interior and design open kitchens

Idea of ​​interior design and industrial design

interior deco and industrial deco design

Photo of kitchen design deco

deco design small kitchen

Small apartment bathroom and studio: interior and design

interior bathroom and design

Modern style apartment plan

modern design apartment plans

Modern work area design furniture

modern work corner deco

Idea of ​​design furniture for small spaces

small space design furniture

Decoration and plan of small modern apartment

idea plan modern apartments

Small design apartment: view from above

plan apartment decoration design

Idea of ​​interior design and living room design

interior and design deco living room small spaces

Small luxury apartment: interior and design

interior and design decoration small apartment

Beautiful small house with deco design

interior and luxury home deco design

Small space with modern style decoration

development design small modern space

Small room interior design

small rooms decoration

Small modern room: idea of ​​decoration and lighting

interior layout small modern room

Designer bedroom lighting and small space

room deco design small spaces

Modern kitchen and space design

modern kitchens design

Bathroom decoration of small modern apartment

small bathroom modern apartments

studio apartment design

small-space deco modern style

idea design studio design

garden ideas small spaces

modern office corner design

small bathroom modern space

interior layout bathroom

apartment plan deco small space

small apartments interior deco

organization of small apartment space

interiors design decoration small apartment

furniture design separation space

layout and decoration small apartment

modern decoration small room

apartment decoration small space

furniture small space modern design

decoration entree ideas small space

kitchen small space designs

interior design ideas interior design

kitchen interior deco design

small white kitchen wood design

small kitchen deco furniture

small kitchen modern deco

mini bathroom interior decoration

modern interior design bathroom

house construction interior space

home deco small space

small house design office

color and design interior space

deco kitchen small modern spaces

small house plan idea

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