Interior decorating idea: an elegant interior in black and gold

deco idea interior black golden ideas

In case you dream of having an elegant and sophisticated interior, we offer you a very beautiful interior decorating idea : the decor in black and gold. Using black and gold in your decor theme has many benefits.

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These two shades can easily be used in a modern, traditional or contemporary interior - it all depends on your personal preferences. What you should not forget, if you choose to make the decoration black and gold, is to opt for simplicity. These two nuances can quickly make your interior theatrical and excessive. But if you use subtle touches in black and gold, you can create a modern and original decor.

Design interior design idea in black and gold

interior decorating idea sliding doors

The living room is certainly the most formal piece in every inside . Often, this is where we spend the most for decoration. When you work with a theme like black and gold, exploiting the key elements in the room, will influence the rest of your decor. Painting the walls black may not be the best choice. This will make the space darker and unpleasant. What you can do is add more shades to your color scheme and use them for walls and accessories. One of the colors must be neutral, like beige or light gray, while the others must play the role of counterpoint to the black: khaki , grenade, lime or turquoise . Opt for fresh and lively nuances.

Modern kitchen in black and gold

deco idea interior kitchen

Use black for large furniture and incorporate gold in accessories, mirrors and small details. Opt for a central piece that incorporates black, gold and the other accent color you have chosen. It can be a painting, a carpet, curtains or a ceramic vase. Walleye can be used as an accent, combined with beige or gray to soften the look of the room.

Bedroom with interior design in black and gold

interior decorating idea modern bedroom

After the living room, the dining room is often the other most important room in the interior. It can be easily decorated, just embellishing the table. By using gold and black in the decor of your table, you will make it even more elegant and interesting. Use different shades of black. Combining black with gray is also a very good idea. The black lacquered accents are perfect for black and red decor. A gold-patterned rug below the dining table is also a great idea. This allows you to create an original look without overloading the space.

Elegant bedroom decoration

interior design idea elegant bedroom

As far as the bedroom is concerned, black and gold are once again a superb palette of colors for its decoration. Avoid heavy black sheets. Prefer silk or satin. Opt for pieces with black patterns such as stripes or flowers. Choose blinds in white and gold for a more romantic look. The bright pink is a very beautiful accent color for the decoration of the room in black and gold. Here are some original ideas in pictures:

Living room decoration in white and black with golden accessories

deco idea interior elegant living room

Decorative dining room idea

interior decorating idea modern dining room

Contemporary interior decoration in black and gold

contemporary interior decorating idea

Contemporary interior decorated in black and gold

deco interior furniture black gilded

Design toilet decoration in black and gold

interior deco toilet black golden

modern interior design deco

design bedroom decoration

bedroom decoration black gilded

decoration modern kitchen black golden

decoration black gilded kitchen

modern interior decoration idea

white kitchen living room black golden

interior decoration gilded black table

decoration dining room black golden

modern living room decoration black gold

decoration salon black golden

deco lounge chair black golden

deco lounge chairs black gilded

interior decorating idea bedroom

interior decorating idea black gilded

deco idea interior design room

interior decorating design idea living room

interior decorating idea elegante salon

modern interior decorating idea

modern interior decorating idea

interior design idea black gilded

original interior decorating idea

interior decorating idea dining room

interior decorating idea bathroom

idea deco interior living room design

decorating idea dining room black golden

decorating idea dining room

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