Interior decoration: 25 examples of elegant interiors

interior design luxury house idea

This article presents 25 examples of elegant interior design in contemporary style by the designer interior designers from Fantasia Interior. If you like contemporary style, which is characterized by modern furniture and flexible lines, this article is for you.

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You will discover 25 exceptional examples of elegant decoration for the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom, with, in addition, decorative ideas for spaces such as the office area or the entrance.

Interior decoration and idea for bright living room

interior decorating ideas modern living rooms

The interior decoration in contemporary style is, without doubt, one of the best solutions for homes and apartments of couples who love above all elegance and refined beauty. Contemporary style is not to be confused with modern design, which is characterized by furniture with more refined lines.

Interior decoration and idea for small living room

living rooms interior decoration small spaces

The elegant and modern interior decoration in the homes of our examples is acquired by means of designer furniture in classic and elegant materials, such as leather and wood. It is complemented by colors in different shades, but which are always soft and soothing, with the exception of some specific accents, such as black walls. For the flooring and walls, the creators of Fantasia Interior have relied on natural materials like, for example, marble, tiles of different colors and wood.

Interior decoration by Fantasia Interior

painting interior decoration modern salons

These elements of interior design in contemporary style are complemented by accessories that make us think of refinement and classic elegance. We invite you to consult all of our beautiful and timeless decorative examples, offered by the creators of Fantasia Interior in the gallery below.

Interior decoration: living room with designer furniture

interior decoration furniture living room design

Interior decoration for living room: idea of ​​painting in dark gray

interior decoration living rooms wall painting

Interior decoration and idea for living room design in pastel colors

idea interior deco living rooms painting

Elegant interior decor and contemporary living room

contemporary living rooms decoration design

Elegant interior decoration and dining room in pastel colors

dining rooms and lounges decorating ideas

Interior decoration: idea of ​​living room with fireplace

contemporary living room fireplace decorating idea

deco open dining rooms

interior design marble flooring

interior design painting walls

deco ideas open lounges

decoration ideas modern wallcovering

interior design lighting dining rooms

deco interiors ideas bar kitchens

decoration designer kitchens bars

interior design sofas contemporary design

deco interior contemporary mural

bedroom decoration feminine ideas interior design

decoration work corner ideas modern interior

layout rooms adults floors woods

interior rooms ideas small spaces

adult rooms interior design pastel painting

contemporary decoration ideas parental room

interior decoration idea living room modern

interior decoration design dining room design

interior decoration trends color

interior decoration how to associate the colors

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