Interior decoration living room: chic and feminine ideas

female house interior decoration living room

With this article, we propose to explore ideas for a living room interior design that is characterized by a touch of elegance and femininity. Whether you are building a new house or revamping your old living room, here you will find ideas for curtains, accessories, color association and furniture that will help you get a stylish look, female and welcoming for your living room.

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Let the tour of ideas in pictures begin!

Living room interior design idea with a touch of elegance and femininity

color palette living room interior decor

Although we often refrain from declaring that a space is decorated in masculine and feminine colors, we can not deny that there are elements of decoration and a palette of colors that is often associated with femininity and to the elegance of its own. Whether you live alone, with a mate or family, adding some feminine touches to the living room interior design is never a bad idea. In fact, these are the keys that can change the look of your living room and make it much more welcoming and friendly.

Pretty interior decoration chic and feminine lounge

home interior decoration object

When we speak of a palette of colors reserved for femininity and elegance, we must not think only of the rose, but also all the colors pale, calm and welcoming. For example, according to some interior design specialists, gray mixed with pink is the new color of femininity. You see an example on the indoor living room decoration photo below. By using this color palette, you can get a bright living room without predominating the rose or other shades too "girly".

Living room interior design idea with elegant and feminine colors

interior design house living room

The curtains and the fabrics are examples of accessories almost always associated with the feminine touch in the home interior decoration. So, for an elegant and feminine salon, do not forget to think about these elements. The floral pattern and the hues of pale colors are, let us repeat it, to privilege to give to your living room an elegant and feminine touch. In this vein, you could opt for curtains and fabrics of the brand Laura Ashley , which is often considered as an embodiment of chic style and comfort with a touch of femininity.

Example of interior decoration living room with feminine atmosphere and curtains

interior decoration living room idea curtains female

In terms of decorating style, the elegance and the welcoming and feminine look are often a characteristic of the salons designed in shabby chic, vintage, seaside and contemporary style. This is so because the fine and round shapes, as well as the white color and the warm and natural wood, which predominate in some of these decorative styles, are also considered feminine.

Interior decoration living room of industrial and feminine style

industrial style living room deco

But nothing says that you have to stick to these styles. The eclectic style decoration gives a great freedom and a lot of possibilities of decoration, as well as for the colors as for the furniture. You could easily incorporate elements with a feminine and chic touch. In the same way, today there are examples of industrial and feminine decoration at the same time. This is a good solution for those who live in couples and love the contrasts between the masculine and the feminine. In the photo above, a beautiful example of this mix that plays on the combination of pink and gray colors. And now, we invite you to discover all of our ideas for living room decoration, elegant and feminine, with the pictures below:

Elegant living room interior decoration photo

pictures interior decoration living room

Palette colors and interior decoration living room

color palette home interior decorations living rooms

Furniture for living room decoration

furniture living room deco feminine

Furniture for interior decoration elegant living room

decoration and furniture elegant lounges

House design and interior decoration women's living room

house interior design deco living room

Pretty interior living room female decoration

image decoration living room female interiors

Home interior and chic living room deco

modern home interior and living room deco

Shabby chic living room interior design ideas

shabby chic interior living room decoration idea

Idea of ​​furniture and interior decoration living room

furniture and interior decoration living room

Decorating idea living room and pallet pale colors

idea living room color association

Idea for living room and touch of femininity

pink living room decorating idea

Idea of ​​interior decoration living room and furniture of feminine design

home decoration living room furniture design feminine

Idea of ​​living room and women's furniture in white

white living room furniture

makeover lounge chair design

interior design deco elegant lounge

idea living room deco design seaside

vintage style living room decor

interior living room decor accessories

idea decoration elegant interior living room

idea furniture and interior decoration living room

color combination interior decoration living room

deco living room design vintage style

interior decoration women's lounge

home interior decoration elegant living room

home interior decor color living room

interior decoration living room association color

home decor white lounges

feminine interior decoration modern salons

interior decoration living room shabby chic design

interior decoration living room white furniture

interior decoration living room female design

interior decoration living room industrial design

interior design living room design seaside

comfortable interior house decor chic living room

beautiful interior decoration women's living room

home decoration design interior living room

decorative interior design living room modern stylish

deco house interior elegant living rooms

interior design chic house living room

color painting interior decor women's salons

beautiful contemporary living room design deco

photo deco interior women's salons

interior decoration living room home design

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