Interior decoration with a striped wall - 15 modern ideas

multicolored striped wall wooden living room

There is no doubt that the accent wall is perhaps the most popular decor for salons around the world. This decor is easy to create, requires very little effort and adds color, patterns and texture to the room.

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There are of course lots of ideas for the wall decoration of accent but the striped wall is a very original and elegant. The striped wall with its varied shapes will constitute a modern focal point and a perfect background for your decor and accessories.

Living room decoration with striped wall

deco lounge striped wall

No matter if you like horizontal, vertical or eclectic stripes, in this article you will find exactly what you are looking for. The stripes blend perfectly with all types of decor and allow you to play with colors and patterns. The 15 ideas we are going to present here will certainly make you want to decorate your living room or living room with stripes!

Original decoration idea for the living room

original striped wall deco living room

Today many people opt for a neutral color lounge that allows them to change accessories each season without completely redecorating the space. In this case a multicolored striped accent wall is a perfect addition that will attract attention. Striped bright and cheerful colors can also accentuate an architectural element like a fireplace for example and turn it into a very strong visual appeal. Look at all our original and interesting ideas on the pictures:

Ultra modern living room with purple wall

living room wall deco original

Living room with fireplace and striped wall

striped wall fireplace living room idea

Original living room deco idea with modern wall

original bimatiere wall deco

Living room decoration in light colors

wall deco stripes light colors living room

Living room decorated in black and white

black white living room wall deco

Living room with vertical striped wall

living room wall deco vertical stripes

Living room decorated in neutral colors

deco living room modern neutral colors

deco living room luxury idea

deco living room modern neutral colors

contemporary living room decoration idea

idea living room deco modern stripes

idea deco salon theme maritime

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