Interior decoration with large indoor plants

beautiful plant in front of the fireplace

Lovers of nature and interior decoration , this article is for you. If you do not have a garden but still dream of having greenery in your home, consider planning your home large indoor plants .

Interior decoration with wooden dresser adorned with a large plant

interior decoration with beautiful falling plant on dresser

Small plants are easy to integrate into the decor; they can be placed everywhere in the house. For large plants, however, the options are not as numerous. How to do so to find the perfect location for your big plants?

An elegant bedroom where the two big plants stand out from the decor

corner of room houses a large plant

Let's start with the living room. The most common place to place a large plant is, of course, the corner of a room. If a window is nearby, which is the case in the example above, your plant will be well under natural light. You can opt for a beautiful palm tree that will give your interior an exotic side unequaled!

Superb reading corner dominated by a large plant behind the chair

large plant reading corner

A fern would also be a good choice for those corner plants that seem to stand out in a room without dominating it. Also think of the space behind the chair when it comes to, for example, a reading corner.

Beautiful interior that overflows with peps and plants of all kinds

interior decoration while greenery

If you are looking to fill a space on a bookshelf or bookcase, some plants would be a good solution. Why not opt ​​for a beautiful moon flower for a little sweetness?

Indoor plants stand out from the white decor

white ultra modern interior decoration

If you like the interior decoration of bohemian style do not hesitate to venture to suspend plants on the ceiling of your bedroom. You can admire them when lying down and this method allows you to add greenery to your home without losing space.

Beautiful library furniture dotted with plants of all sizes

large plant on library furniture

It is also possible to opt for glass terrariums that can liven up your decor. Lay out landless plants like Tillandsia, which does not require much care but gives the room a very bohemian look.

This bathroom is animated by a large houseplant placed on a stool

houseplant in bathroom

The bathroom is another place not to be overlooked. As you can see in the example above, all you need is a stool and a plant of your choice. You can make a piece two shot and put your plant on a piece of furniture that will also serve for storage.

Bohemian interior dotted with greenery and there

plants hanging on ceiling rail

If you have high ceilings, take advantage of this advantage. Beyond hanging plants, you can also invest in Pothos or in a climbing plant that will wind up along your wall.

Chic interior where stands out a beautiful houseplant

great-great-vase-point of-sight

Whichever plant you choose, think of the flower pot too. Notice the flowerpot in the example above. It brings, if not more character to the room, at least as much as the plant itself. The choice is therefore obvious - the container is as important as what it contains.

Beautiful green area near the window

beautiful plant near the window

To sum up, your interior design can benefit enormously from large indoor plants.

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Despite their imposing size, they can be found in every room of the house. And if you miss space, do not forget your ceilings!

Interior decoration of modern and baroque style

beautiful interior decoration baroque style

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