Interior design: 32 modern design furniture ideas

design entry furniture design idea

You are looking for a unique piece of furniture for the entrance arrangement of your house? Find what you need with these 32 designer furniture!

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In our previous articles, we have often touched on the subject of the decoration of the front door, corridors and entry herself: there was talk of decorative styles, practical and valuable objects and ideas to make yourself at a party or the arrival of a season of the year. Today, we are turning to another equally important topic: the choice of designer furniture for this part of the house.

Furniture system for home interiors by Interluebke

modern apartment entrance layout

"You will never have a second chance to make a good first impression," these words of David Swanson, an American engineer, apply quite well to the job. from the entrance of the house. After the outside door, the entrance is, we know, the space that produces the good impression of those who come to visit us for the first time. Ie times. In other places, it is the same for the members of the family and for our relatives. For them, the entry is a way to detect if all goes well inside. This is almost a reflex: when you set foot in a messy hallway, you automatically think that people in the interior probably have problems that do not leave them in the dark. time to take care of their home.

Modern design entryway with design by Sudbrock

modern decoration house entrance

To avoid having to look for a second chance to make a good impression, you can count on the effect produced by one or two designer furniture. Affordable for everyone, small furniture with modern design allows you to attract attention and easily create accents in your home. Large furniture systems of this type, such as cabinets and shoe cabinets, have the additional advantage of preserving order in this space. To decorate your entrance in an impressive way, no need to buy a large quantity of designer furniture: one or two of the pieces that we present below would be enough!

Design coat rack by Cattelan Italia for modern entrance furniture

Italian design furniture hallway house

The coat hanger is the essential piece of furniture in any entrance hall. And since its presence is almost mandatory, as much choose an interesting design model. To do this, we can bet on color variants that do not remain unnoticed, such as red. White is another interesting color because corridors are usually areas that lack enough natural light: the presence of a white object, well illuminated, will be immediately noticed. Another possibility, of course, are the natural-colored wood models: their appearance will communicate the idea of ​​a warm and welcoming home. The coat rack can be a small piece of furniture but it is also an object to which all those who cross the threshold of your house have access. What's better than choosing an intriguing model?

Modern entrance furniture with designer shoe cabinet by Porada

furniture storage shoes entry

Among the other indispensable presence furniture in the entrance of the house there are, of course, the different solutions of shoe storage. Even if you have a place to store shoes in your closet, you probably use a small shoe cabinet in your hallway. It is used for storing every day, two or three pairs that your family members wear on a daily basis. And, fortunately, the designers offer us many possibilities for choosing such a piece of furniture. The commonalities of the different models? Their compact and practical look and exterior that is meant to blend in with the decor in the hallway. Because, unlike other pieces of furniture, these used for storing shoes are not intended to impress. On the contrary, they must allow us to put order in our entries without cluttering the space and without having a look too screaming.

Entrance layout with modern mirror by Glas Italia

mirror entrance furniture deco Italian design

Third indispensable element of the decoration of the modern corridor: the mirror. Mirrors are furniture that can contribute to the decoration of your entrance in many ways: for example, they have the ability to increase the space visually or to improve the lighting in this space by reflecting the light coming from another source. You might think that since we tend to look at our own image in the mirror, we do not pay much attention to the appearance of the object itself. But this idea is not quite correct: the design of the mirror, large or small, is something you notice almost immediately.

Original console by Bonaldo for modern design entrance

modern furniture entrance console design

Small tables, consoles and benches are other types of accessories that one can have in one's entrance. In addition to being an aesthetic complement of space, these objects perform various practical functions. For this reason, it is important to remember that designer furniture should not be chosen solely for its appearance. They must agree with your way of being and correspond to your needs. For example, if you tend to accumulate a lot of small items in the entrance (mail, keys, various gadgets), look for a console with one or two drawers and make a compromise between the design of the furniture and the features that you offer.

Modern console by Kendo Mobiliario for entrance decoration

ideas console layout entry

And lo, we went around the furniture that we find most often in the space at the entrance of the house. Now we invite you to discover our selection of modern style models. Do not hesitate to use it to invent and reinvent the decoration of this zone of your interior:

Storage cabinet idea for modern entrance by Bonaldo

Idea storage design bonaldo

Coat rack cabinet for design entrance deco by Cattelan Italia

furniture cabinet coat design

Entrance decoration: design furniture by Sudbrock

idea furniture decoration design entrance

Entrance furniture with design coat rack by Cattelan Italia

design furniture coat rack

Mirror idea for entrance decoration design by Porada

italian mirror decoration entree

Design object for house entrance by Bonaldo

mirrors design decoration entry house

Sudbrock Modern Entry Cabinet Models

furniture modern entrance furniture

Photo of modern entry furniture by Bonaldo

idea storage house entry

Modern style entrance with hanging furniture and drawers by Grid

susupendu furniture arrangement

Wooden Storage Cabinets by Sudbrock

furniture deco entree amenagement

Cabinet with glass door and design for entry by Porada

glass door furniture entry

Modern Furniture Idea for Entertaining by Sudbrock

home decoration deco

Designer shoe storage cabinet by Interluebke

home hall design cabinet

Shoe Storage for House Entrance by Sudbrock

shoe storage arrangement entry

Modern Style Entry Ideas by Sudbrock

design ideas entrance furniture design

Entrance with design decoration by Cattelan Italia

deco entrance furniture design

Modern hanging console for entrance deco by Kendo Mobiliario

modern design console entrance

Design console model for house or apartment entrance by Interluebke

idea console design entry

White console by Kendo Mobiliario and interior entrance decoration

contemporary consoles hallway entree

Design bench cabinet by Porada

benches design deco entree

Entrance and coat rack design by Moormann

modern design hallway furniture

Coat rack and wooden decoration for entrance by Moorman

home decoration deco object

Interior design and modern furniture for hallway or entrance by Bonaldo

interior furniture hallway design

Entrance layout with modern style decoration by Montana Mobler

deco entree modern wardrobe

arrangement entry idea deco object design

idea layout furniture entrance modern ideas

arrangement entrance design console hallway

idea design entry door coat coats design

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