Interior design idea: black and gold for an elegant interior

interior design modern living room idea

Few color combinations are as elegant and beautiful as the combination of black and yellow. But this classic duo becomes even more refined if we replace the various shades of yellow with gold.

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Black and gold - a combination that dates back to the dawn of time. Today we offer you a new idea interior decor - modern interior in gold and black.

Interior design idea in black and gold

decorating idea interior living room contemporary black gilded

It is very tempting to use neutral colors for the living room decor. This approach makes it possible to better adapt the modern accessories for the seasons to follow. But for those looking for a idea interior decor which will allow them to create an original and truly impressive decoration, the golden shades in combination with black are a perfect choice. If you have a contemporary style living room, opt for accents and light accessories in gold. But in case you are dealing with a classic interior, you can afford to use a lot more walleye than in a modern interior. Remember that fixtures play a very important role for black and gold decor.

Decoration of dining room in black and gold

interior decorating idea dining room

As for the bedroom, how about turning the room into a glamorous and luxurious place with touches of gold and black? Choosing a decorative background in black is not always a good idea if you want to create a rather relaxing atmosphere. Opt for gray or even purple shades that will complement wonderfully your accessories in gold and black. You can also choose a decorative background in pleasant golden shades. And as always, light fixtures, bedding and curtains will be the most important accessories in your bedroom.

Luxurious dining room decoration

interior decorating idea modern black golden

Even if the combination of black and gold is not often chosen for the living room or bedroom decor, it is certainly a favorite for the bathroom. A dark bathroom evokes luxury and richness and gold completes this impression. Sinks, faucets and other bathroom accessories in golden shades are not difficult to find and are perfect even for the most modern rooms. With the art deco style and trendy retro furniture for 2015, the time has come to turn your old bathroom in blue and white into a luxurious and design space for relaxation. Here are some original and elegant decoration ideas in black and gold.

Original dining room design

interior design living room design idea

Elegant dining room

decoration room idea

Living room decoration idea

deco idea interior elegant living room

Elegant living room with black walls and gilded accessories

living room design original black golden

Bathroom with design bath in black and gold

retro bathroom black gild

Interesting bathroom decoration

modern bathroom deco idea

Luxurious deco bathroom

interior decorating idea bathroom

Idea of ​​modern bathroom layout

elegant bathroom design idea

Bathroom with golden accessories and black floor

bathroom deco idea

Bathroom retro-modern design

bathroom retro modern deco

Contemporary living room decoration

interior decoration modern black gold

deco elegant dining room

living room decor sofa leather

modern contemporary design salon

interior decoration modern living room

modern luxury living room decoration

modern interior design black golden

original decoration dining room

retro decoration dining room

interior decor modern black golden

contemporary living room design black gold

modern living room concept

contemporary living room deco idea

original living room deco idea

idea deco interior accessories

original design idea black gilded

black interior design idea

bedroom deco accessories

bedroom black golden deco

modern design bedroom

bedroom design black golden

original design bedroom

modern bedroom design

luxurious bedroom deco

interior deco modern bedroom

luxurious bedroom decoration

idea bedroom layout

interior design modern design

decoration bathroom design

modern bathroom decoration

decoration terrace black golden

idea modern kitchen

decoration idea black gilded kitchen

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