Interior plant layout for the work desk

indoor plants view zen atmosphere office work

We would like to offer practical advice for a beautiful and efficient decoration with indoor plants for your work desk. Generally a work desk can consist of several rooms: a reception, one or two rooms for assistants and employees, the head office and the meeting room.

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All offices can be organized differently.

Indoor plants - a desk without natural lighting with plants

houseplants office lighting natural plants

The reception is where customers sometimes wait five minutes, sometimes hours. Therefore, various houseplants that recall the comforts of home will surely help visitors to relax. Large specimens of indoor plants are for the meeting room. In the employee rooms, on the windowsill, a composition of the cactus and Succulents in 2 to 3 pots are enough.

A Zen atmosphere for the office

green plants zen office

In the office From the chef, indoor plants in pretty pots, to the dark office, select plants that tolerate darkness. all combined with stylish office furniture, and you'll have a busy office. In any case, here are tips for successful office decorating work with indoor plants. You should not buy too many different and expensive houseplants.

Three plants in ceramic pots for the office

three ideal plants office work

When choosing them for the office, one is required to follow the same rules and advice that apply when buying plants for the home.Do not place plants more than three meters from the window in the room, if there is no other source of artificial light.Next, other useful and practical tips will follow in the following articles. For the moment try to decorate your workplace by following our modest tips and the result will be beneficial for everyone.

The fertile office, a new space to work

fertile office view

Indoor plants in large pots

indoor plants large pots

A well decorated courtyard with green plants

green atmosphere office work

A wooden floor and desk and a green plant for a pleasant working atmosphere

ground office wood plant green atmosphere

A green plant in a dark office

green plant office fertile work

Green plants for the interior of a modern office

green plants interior office work

Green plants in an office as an anti stress therapy

green plant office anti stress therapy

original decoration bonsai desk

office well decorates green plants

office work decoration minimalist green plants

office work clear minimalist green plants

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