Is the carpet suitable for a children's room?

green carpet kids room

The ins and outs of laying a carpet in a children's room are varied, and sometimes contradictory. For some, they are mite nests, and dust traps.

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On the other hand, their thickness provides a fall mat, which is a recurring activity of our toddlers. But they contain VOC volatile organic compounds, which are the first source of air pollution in our homes. On the other hand, their affordable price makes them a choice of coating not to be neglected.

the carpet contains VOC ...

striped carpet daycare

There is great confusion among parents as to whether or not to lay the floor of a child's room by laying carpeting. With the green break that puts pressure on us to provide a healthy environment for our children, flaws are put forward and debated back and forth. But the carpet, for its comfortable appearance and its implementation inexpensive remains a favorite choice of many of us.

... but remains of incomparable comfort

carpet clean laid carpet

The aspect of VOC is obviously not to neglect, they are also present in the painting of our walls and used extensively in the manufacture of kit furniture. The experts, well aware of the danger, reassure us by explaining that these compounds are present in the first 2 or 3 days after installation, it is necessary to prevent children from sleeping in their room during this period. There is starting to be a choice of products with limited VOC content, if at all.

there are no VOC carpets

carpet samples natural materials

Another element to take into account, is the large amount of waste that comes from the replacement of old carpets, it is not negligible. Some manufacturers highlight the recycling of old materials, or use natural materials. Otherwise, carpet slabs can replace an area damaged without having to change the entire surface.

it produces a large amount of waste

used carpet discharge

The choice is yours, depending on whether your children suffer more or less allergies. If this is the case, consider giving up carpeting, and head to another type of flooring, or resign yourself to having to clean your carpet frequently. Floor mats can be an option that can be machine-cleaned more easily, as well as a cork cover that cushions falls. Ask distributors about existing alternatives. Here is a series of photos with this theme.

slabs are a good alternative

carpet slabs assembled bedroom children

Cork is a good alternative, it is warm

cork covered floor

requires frequent cleaning, so time

carpet regular cleaning

wide choice

rollers carpet various textures

public institutions avoid carpeting

wooden floor nursery

floor carpet tiles

wooden floor

floor mats laid parquet

wool floor mats

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