Italian shower: nature invites itself into your bathroom

italian shower bathroom design

Do you want a modern and natural bathroom at the same time? The Italian shower will offer you both! Trend and aesthetic, this type of shower inspired by nature, will offer you a real relaxation.

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To give you ideas on how to install and fit your bathroom, we have selected 25 beautiful examples of shower stalls with an Italian shower.

Italian shower: nature and comfort in your bathroom

open cabin shower Italian design idea

The advantage of the Italian shower is that it is suitable for all spaces and to all configurations. It does not matter if your bathroom is big or small, if you feel like it, you can install it easily because it takes up little space. It exists in many different shapes, materials and sizes, which makes it suitable for many different design styles.

Italian shower: bathroom in natural style

walk-in shower design parquet wood bathroom cabin

In recent times, the Italian shower has become an inescapable trend in interior design contemporary . In reality, it is not a new invention. It dates from the Roman Empire. In the old Roman baths, we find this type of shower but entirely open to the outside. Nowadays, she is often installed in a shower stall.

Shower cabin and walk-in shower

shower cubicle design italian idea arrange

Walk-in shower with built-in lighting

shower design cabin idea arrange bathroom

Cabin that invites you to relax

italian shower bathroom idea cabin

Shower cabin and gray tiles

italian shower bathroom fitting cabin shower idea

Elegant bathroom interior

italian shower design bathroom shower cabin wood

Nature is coming to you ...

walk-in shower design bathroom design

Pool and walk-in shower

bathroom design idea walk-in shower pool design

Large shower stall

modern bathroom design stone deco plant

Small cabin with walk-in shower

arrange bathroom idea black tile

Modern bathroom with walk-in shower

Italian shower-bath-tub-idee

Which type of shower to choose?

shower bathroom idea fitting italian shower cubicle

Designer glass shower cabin

walk-in shower bathroom shower cubicle washbasin modern design

shower cubicle to italian bathroom fitting idea

italian shower bathroom furnishing small space

walk-in shower white bath tub

arrange bathroom cabin shower light arrangement small space

italian shower bathroom cabin tiles

italian shower cubicle design bathroom bathtub

interior bathroom modern furniture wood shower enclosure mirror toilets

bathroom fittings shower cubicle mirror deco toilets

bathroom italian shower idea

bathroom decor bath mirror decorative stone

arrangement bathroom cabin glass italian shower mirror hanging lamp

bathroom nature wood plant deco idea walk-in shower

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