Japanese interior design house gardens in Fukuyama

Japanese house landscaping Japanese gardens

Located in the city of Fukuyama, this house made of wood and concrete offers us an idea of ​​Japanese gardens in the heart of the living space. Realized by the local company UID Architects , this residence is in a densely populated area, which has excluded the possibility of creating a small outdoor green space.

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Japanese interior gardens for a zen and relaxed atmosphere

interior gardens deco design japanese

The UID team therefore had the idea of ​​devoting a small area of ​​the house to an indoor garden. Once this idea came to the world, the architects developed it by organizing the whole house around this green zone; so that we can enjoy the zen atmosphere it establishes in every room of the house. The exterior of the house and simple and modern. Looking closely at the pictures of the space around the building, we see that there is even no sidewalk: so this Japanese house is sandwiched between several buildings!

Japanese interior gardens: plants and decoration

zen garden design house interior

But it is inside the house that we find its most interesting accessory: its green space! Probably inspired small gardens Japanese called tsubo-niwa, which covered no more than 3.3 square meters in the past, this natural area is home to plants and trees and is complemented by decoration with small pebbles.

Japanese gardens compact and natural interior

mini japanese garden zen atmosphere decoration asia

The fresh and natural color of this space softens the concrete walls and completes the authentic beauty of the wooden elements. The ceiling above this green area of ​​the house has a window that allows light to fall directly onto the plants. And, thanks to the glass showcases, which surround the inner garden on all sides, this soft and pleasant light can penetrate into all rooms of the building.

The window that encloses the mini Zen garden and makes it visible from every corner of the house

interior garden decoration japanese decoration

It is customary to say that, whatever their size, Japanese gardens have the capacity to make any space, interior or exterior, more harmonious and more peaceful. This design house by UID Architects and its green space seem to confirm this opinion. If you dream of a peaceful and modern house, consider the possibility of adorning it with a little gem like this mini Zen garden !

Wood decoration and peaceful atmosphere of Asian house

mini japanese gardens interior deco house

Decoration in concrete and wood and view on the Japanese garden for interior

Japanese home interior landscaping

Photo of modern kitchen and dining area overlooking the green zone

Japanese gardens deco wood house

Outdoor decoration for small modern spaces

facade design house modern style

Facade decoration and modern house entrance door with small Zen garden

deco design door entry house

deco exterior house design facade

fit his interior design house

Japanese interior design home decoration

asian design house plans

planning home deco japanese gardens

asian architecture design house plans

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