Kartell chair and Kartell lamp for a modern decor

Kartell chair lamps idee

The chair Kartell and the lamp Kartell are very popular decorating products and it's not for nothing. Kartell is an Italian company founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli.

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She is one of the symbols of Italian design all over the world. It's a success story, told through a series of products - furniture, lighting and modern accessories.

Dining room decor with Kartell chair

kartell chair deco dining room

Kartell works with the most prestigious designers. Its collections are multifunctional and elegant, easy to use and beautiful to look at. The color, transparency, shape and design of Kartell products play with the senses to create unique pieces. These products are known around the world for the emotion they generate, their durability and their excellent quality.

Traditional kitchen decoration with Kartell chairs

Kartell chair deco kitchen

The continuous evolution in the use of plastic and the experimentation with the new technologies are fundamental elements for the Krtell company which has always tried to innovate the functionality and the aesthetic qualities of its products. The result of this incessant research are the new properties of plastic such as satin finish, transparency, flexibility, resistance to atmospheric agents, softness and touch, radical transformation of the plastic product that has passed from an object purely functional to a truly luxurious object. At Kartell, we know how to push innovation to the limit by allowing designers to express their creativity thanks to new technologies and new materials to create small "industrial revolutions" in the world of design.

Elegant dining room with Kartell chairs

kartell chair deco contemporary dining room

The Kartell chair is an object that usually takes a very special place in interior design. The chairs of the company are very functional and comfortable and, at the same time, very elegant. These are artistic masterpieces that will completely transform the appearance of the room where you will place them. Among the iconic chairs of the company are the Louis Ghost chair, La Marie, Masters or Victoria Ghost which are all with a surprising and truly unique design.

The Louis Ghost Icon Chair by Kartell

Kartell chair interesting design room

Kartell lamps, for their part, are perfect for modern and contemporary interior decoration that needs a touch of elegant fantasy. Their original design turns them into real stars that attract attention. Among these lamps are the model of bedside lamp La Bourgie that exists entirely in transparent material or other very elegant colors. Here are some interesting ideas for decorating your home with Kartell furniture:

Dining room decor with furniture by Kartell

Kartell chair original design dining room

High bar chairs by Kartell

plastic high chair Kartell

Contemporary Dining Room with Transparent Dining Table and Chairs in Black

chair Kartelle dining room design

Balance Chair by Kartell

Kartell chair balance deco

Shabby chic decoration with chair by Kartell

Kartell chair plastic idea

Dining room with wooden furniture and designer chairs

kartell chair decoration dining room

Dining room decoration idea

kartell chair contemporary dining room decoration

Original design dining room with chairs by Kartell

contemporary design kartell chair

elegant design Kartell chair

original design kartell chair

design Kartelle chair colors

modern design Kartelle chair

Kartelle elegante green chair

Kartell chair modern armchair

kartell idee deco chair

Kartell chair original model

kartell chair modeles idea

modern plastic Kartell chair

plastic kartell chair

plastic kartell chair idee deco

transparent plastic kartell chairs

transparent red kartell chairs

Kartell dining room chairs

kartell chairs contemporary dining room

Kartell chair design table

Kartell chairs modern decoration

Kartell chairs deco dining room

Kartell chairs with copper finish

Marie Kartell chairs

black Kartell chairs

white plastic Kartell chairs

transparent blue plastic kartell chairs

kartell dining room chairs

Kartell bedside lamp

design table lamp Kartell

kartell interior deco lamp

bedside lamps design Kartell

design lighting Kartell metal

Suspended lights kartell deco

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