Kitchen bottle rack: 50 original ideas

cooking island rack wine bottle

With this big file, we will explore an important complement for the homes of a large part of the French: the kitchen wine rack. It is a well-known fact: France is one of the largest wine producers and consumers in the world.

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The figures on the website Vin et Société leave no doubt: over the last year, 86 percent of French households have bought wine for home consumption. The same source says that the country ranks second by wine tasting worldwide with 28 million hectoliters for 2013, the first place being occupied by the United States. In short, this product, used in moderation, is traditionally appreciated by a very large majority of French. And it is precisely for this reason that the kitchen bottle rack is an accessory that many people find useful and necessary.

Kitchen furniture with wine rack

tip storage wine bottle

Another reason why this furniture is popular is the pronounced French preference for wines in France. bottle . Recent research shows that we remain hesitant about the purchase of cardboard wine. While this product has gained a share of the market in supermarkets and has become more affordable, many people remain attached to the classic presentation of the drink. Despite a rise in sales of this type of product, sometimes called "bag in box" (BIB), most customers continue to buy bottled wine and say that it would be precisely this type of conditioning they would prefer for a gift and for the celebration of an event.

Range - bottles kitchen and dining room

furniture stand bottle kitchen dining area

In the spirit of the French, bottled wine remains associated with good quality. Even if it is more expensive than the cardboard, the bottle is considered as symbol of the great wines. Winegrowers and businesses are well aware of this phenomenon. For the last ten years, they have been striving to meet the demand of quality product enthusiasts through various special offers. Most often, these relate to a greater or lesser quantity of bottles sold at reasonable prices. And it is precisely when we took advantage of these offers that we are really able to appreciate the role of the wine storage cabinet in his kitchen. Its main advantage: it allows to order the bottles, while keeping them in good conditions.

Central island and kitchen bottle rack

cupboards kitchen wine rack

Today, there is a great variety of furniture that can meet the need for wine storage in a kitchen. For large spaces, there are sections specifically dedicated to this function and integrated in the furniture of this room: they can be placed at the level of the cupboards or installed in a central island or even in a small buffet or in a piece of furniture of bar . For households that do not wish to invest in such a sort of storage, there are also solutions sold separately, of a larger or smaller size. We present you a selection of models in this photo gallery:

Wall-mounted wine rack for wine

wine storage wall

Wall storage of wine bottles

wall shelf wine bottle

Kitchen storage for bottles

kitchen storage bottles

Storage of bottles for kitchen and bar cabinet

furniture bar storage bottles

Storage of bottles for modern kitchen

photo kitchen storage bottle

Wooden wine rack for wine

ideas range bottle wood

Vintage design kitchen bottle holder

bottle bottle deco vintage kitchen

Suspended and original kitchen bottle holder

furniture range bottle kitchen

Kitchen bottle holder and suspended furniture

range bottle kitchen modern style

Kitchen bottle holder and wooden furniture

kitchen bottle bottle ideas

Metal kitchen bottle rack

small kitchen range bottle kitchen

Designer kitchen bottle holder

range bottle modern design kitchen

Kitchen bottle holder with doors

closet range bottle kitchen

Bottle holder for kitchen and dining room

kitchen bottle doors kitchen dining room

Bottle rack and wrought iron buffet

wrought iron bottle holder

Wine closet in kitchen and dining room

deco dinette cupboard wine kitchen

wine bottle storage cabinet

small furniture storage wine bottles

kitchen island bottle locker

wood furniture wine rack

kitchen storage wine cabinets

kitchen cabinet storage bottles

wine bottle storage unit

storing bottles furniture serving kitchen

kitchen range bottle

cupboard bottle holder

how to store wine cooking

kitchen wine rack cabinet

closet wine storage bottle

kitchen decoration wine storage

wine cabinet kitchen bottles

interior decoration wine rack

low furniture range wine bottles

kitchen island kitchen range bottles

tip storage kitchen island

central island kitchen wine bottle locker

wine range ideas

ideas storage wine bottle kitchen

shelf metal range bottle kitchen

kitchen wine coolers

bottle cabinet kitchen shelves

bottle wine buffet

kitchen storage board

decoration ilot kitchen wine bottles

kitchen design wine range

furniture wine kitchen storage

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