Kitchen color idea: the red and gray kitchen

photo red and gray kitchen furniture ideas

Need an idea color kitchen ? Discover an interesting and current proposal of colors with these 25 images dedicated to the red and gray kitchen . The kitchen decorated in red and gray offers many possibilities of combination of colors for a modern or contemporary effect.

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Here are some examples of successful combinations.

Red and gray kitchen: planning ideas

red and gray kitchen deco retro style

One of the trends for the 2016 period, in terms of interior design, is the use of neutral colors. These bring a calm and pleasant atmosphere to the room where they are used. At the same time they give dozens of possibilities of combinations with other more vivid colors. The mixture of gray and red is just part of this trend.

Pretty red and gray kitchen for small space

red and gray kitchen small kitchen

For a modern look, one can choose to paint the walls of the kitchen in a neutral shade and arrange the entire space with furniture in red, as in the picture above. The red color is known to stimulate the appetite and our desire of delicacies. For this reason, for example, it is particularly suitable for kitchen decorations.

Red and gray kitchen by Pyram Industries

modern kitchens gray paint

Another possibility for decorating a red and gray kitchen and using several shades of gray, starting with those that can be confused with white and ending with graphite gray. As can be seen in the photo above, all these shades of gray blend perfectly with red. The result is a kitchen with a modern look that is easy to maintain.

Idea of ​​colors for modern or contemporary cuisine

red and gray kitchen color furniture ideas

Finally, you can also decorate a modern or contemporary style kitchen by using a single shade of gray for the furniture and complete the decor with a crisp red splashback. The association of colors in kitchens with central island or with bar can be completed with worktops in white, black or wood. You can explore the unlimited possibilities for kitchen layout in red and gray using the images below.

Kitchen decoration in gray and red with lacquered furniture

color trendy kitchen furniture red and gray

Red and gray kitchen model for small space

deco kitchen red and gray apartment amenagement small

Example of red and gray kitchen with white elements

modern design kitchen model

Kitchen furniture in red and gray

credence kitchen color gray

Kitchen decor ideas in red and gray

color gray and red kitchens

Small red and gray kitchen decoration

small red and gray kitchen idea

Small space kitchen interior design with gray walls and red furniture

small red kitchen modern furniture

Nice example of red and gray kitchen with central island

central island of red and gray cuisine

Modern kitchen in gray and red

kitchen wall gray modern design furniture

Idea of ​​furniture for red and gray kitchen

red and gray kitchen decoration

gray modern kitchen painting

gray kitchen trend painting

arrangement kitchen gray colors furniture

gray kitchen paint and red furniture

color trend red kitchen ideas

red and gray kitchen wall painting

trendy red and gray furniture kitchens

small red kitchen layout bar

red paint kitchen bar

gray wall mural kitchen furniture red

trendy color kitchen modern design

kitchens lacquered furniture gray

black kitchen wall decoration red and gray

wall red and gray kitchens modern furniture

photos lacquered kitchen designer furniture

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