Kitchen color: the key to harmonious association

color kitchen trend wood parquet floor white dining table wooden chair modern deco flowers

Create beautiful tonal associations in your kitchen is not an easy task. This is a delicate and important aspect of the decoration. Some color marriages can even lead to "divorce"!

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If you are moved by a deep desire to change colors and you do not know which one to choose, we advise you to discover our selection of examples of color kitchen . Make point on your desires, tastes and preferences to better manage the layout and decoration of this room. Do not forget to respect the rest of your interior: the style and colors already present ...

Kitchen color: the trend color 2015 marsala

kitchen color trend marsala red idea painting wall decor

Do you know the rules and pitfalls to avoid when pairing colors? First of all, we must always take into account the shades and the contrast. One of the general rules in decoration is to never associate more than three colors in the same room if you want to create a harmonious atmosphere. To associate several colors of the same shade is always successful! The marriage of several intense and bright colors is not a very good idea: it is difficult to live every day a piece mixing colors that swear with each other. Also avoid the association of unusual colors.

Kitchen color: light blue and white wedding

color blue kitchen white round dining table fixture hanging white armchair

Each color brings a different energy to the interior. In general, the kitchen is a part of our living space where we are active: we prepare, we cook, we eat and drink ... We spend a lot of time and it is important to feel comfortable relaxed and, at the same time, energetic and creative. Blue is a cool color and very nice. It is often chosen for bedrooms for its relaxing effect. It is therefore suitable for kitchens. It's a light weight and very relaxing colors. It goes well with almost every color. If you want to accentuate it, you can combine it with White .

Kitchen color: yellow and gray

yellow gray kitchen hanging lamp central island stainless steel deco flowers

Orange is a bright and invigorating color. If you like this color and have chosen it for the interior of your kitchen, you probably know that it is a color with positive effects: it stimulates creativity, energy and joy! On the other hand, it is recommended in small doses. You can nuance and marry with white, black or gray. This can be a very elegant and modern choice. In the morning, while having your coffee, you will feel the energy that the orange color exhales. To create a modern accent in your kitchen, we advise you to opt for the Trendy color of this year: marsala . You can paint a wall in this shade, paint the ceiling or choose a tile of this shade.

Four trendy colors: mat cyan, marsala, pastel orange, gray rose

color kitchen idea colors trend interior modern contemporary kitchen

Another trendy color, in fashion and design, is the mint color. Between green and light blue, this color is soft. It harmonizes well with white and sometimes with black.

Kitchen with wall in light blue

color kitchen idea green water extractor hood fixture hanging black dining table

A kitchen interior in white can be accentuated by installing home appliance colours. Here is an example with an orange oven in a white kitchen. Two frames decorate the wall.

White interior with orange accent

kitchen orange wall decoration extractor hood parquet wood kitchen furniture white

Check out our kitchen photo gallery in dark, tropical, fresh, clear and other colors. More than 90 examples of cooking in pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue, green, brown, black and white.

Beautiful kitchen in white and yellow

color kitchen yellow white design chair wood

Two modern interiors in Scandinavian style

color kitchen scandinavian style wood design table

Kitchen and dining room with beautiful suspended light

color kitchen trend idea wooden table chair design

Modern black and white tile

kitchen black and white tiling fridge pink trend idea

White kitchen and wood

white kitchen chairs green trend

White house kitchen with dark gray elements and original wall

idea color contemporary kitchen interior white design central island

Feminine cuisine in different shades of pink

idea color kitchen dark pink design arrangement space dining windows

Kitchen marrying purple and gray

kitchen color aubergine idea island central lighting fixture

Kitchen marrying white, pink and gray

modern kitchen closet rose lighting floor mat dining table chair kitchen

Interior combining two shades of purple and white

kitchen idea color makeover kitchen purple lavender color

Light and white pigeon interior

kitchen island central idea painting deco light purple pigeon

Luxurious indoor kitchen in red and purple shades

revamp her kitchen floor mats pink hanging pendant design

Here is a kitchen with wall painted blue pigeon

kitchen decoration idea paint purple extractor hood wood furniture

Here are some examples of dark indoor kitchens combining brown, black, white

idea color kitchen trend island central extractor hood

Black interior

idea kitchen interior design black fixture hanging stool leather

White and Black

white kitchen interior modern central island black modern

Wall painted blue

idea kitchen color light fixture hanging white dining table wood chair red floor mat

Blue, white, black

kitchen idea layout makeover kitchen island central island fixture hanging carpet

Minimalist elegance

kitchen design idea color fixture hanging dogma

Harmony in white and gray

color kitchen idea central island stool white leather

Black kitchen furniture and white central island

color kitchen idea lighting pendant central island stainless steel

kitchen color idea tiling central island black stainless steel

idea color kitchen islet central black lamp deco flowers

interior modern kitchen central island brown wood lamp hanging design extractor hood

kitchen green painting idea modern island brown wood

kitchen islet central makeover kitchen idea color

idea kitchen wood fixture hanging design dining table black white chair

black kitchen brown wood design wall decor idea

kitchen wood brown color idea dining table wooden hanging lamp

kitchen furniture color idea decor wall painting

kitchen wooden idea tiling dining table extractor hood

kitchen color idea pink tiling floor

kitchen color magenta fixture hanging white dining table wood chair

kitchen pink color household appliances pink oven fridge

red kitchen color

kitchen color idea red furniture white dining table

color idea kitchen makeover design modern color palette

kitchen pink sweet idea layout white table chair floral wall decor

idea kitchen color modern furniture dining table white fridge stainless steel

idea painting wall kitchen color

idea furniture kitchen color design island central tile kitchen

idea color kitchen furniture white table

trendy kitchen marsala stool central island

kitchen color marsala central island white black design stool kitchen

tile kitchen white red black hood suction deco idea

revamp his kitchen painting idea color kitchen yellow design

kitchen color idea orange deco island central white

idea color kitchen orange island central wood stool tiling floor

kitchen interior modern furniture orange stainless steel steel kitchen

idea kitchen color center island gray yellow furniture design

makeover kitchen kitchen furniture yellow lamp hanging white dining table black extractor hood

color modern kitchen fixture hanging glass dining table

yellow gray kitchen hanging lamp central island stainless steel deco flowers


kitchen-in-light yellow

blue pastel idea color kitchen modern island central stainless steel

kitchen idea furniture wood green white closet

wallpaper kitchen idea wall deco wooden table cushion

modern kitchen color green lime kitchen furniture paint color tile

green lime kitchen idea lighting design dining table cupboard extractor hood

kitchen green khaki idea ceiling wall deco central island

kitchen color khaki white fixture hanging central island stool

color green kitchen white original central island design

kitchen wood fixture hanging wall painted green idea colors

kitchen green brown idea color extractor hood kitchen cabinet in green dining table high wood

kitchen idea color green tiling paint color

kitchen island central wood fixture hanging deco flowers plants

light green kitchen idea color deco dining table floor mats

idea color white kitchen island central green chair deco

idea color kitchen island central wood blue hanging lamp

modern kitchen blue majorelle white island kitchen furniture central closet gray

green kitchen olive white furniture wood deco kitchen

blue kitchen white idea kitchen furniture fridge tile wall

kitchen blue white island central idea color modern kitchen extractor hood

kitchen interior idea color island central wood blue green

idea color kitchen kitchen cabinet blue island central black sink

idea kitchen furniture wood color soil wood floor mats blue white

idea furniture kitchen wood design dining table white kitchen armchair furniture wood blue

kitchen color idea pastel furniture kitchen blue

kitchen painting blue wall white furniture wood design central island

kitchen color idea fume hood flowers bouquet deco

central island kitchen light blue kitchen hood white modern

kitchen color painting idea tile gray design dining table wood

green white kitchen island design hanging lamp

color kitchen idea fixture hanging floor mats black armchair

trend color mint hanging fixture idea color kitchen cabinet island central wood tile brown

white kitchen island central wood stool idea

idea color white kitchen deco flowers wood stool

kitchen interior white design central island tile black kitchen stool white

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