Kitchen color: which to choose?

color kitchen dining table design lamp kitchen idea

Which color to choose for its cuisine? It is quite possible to arrange and decorate your kitchen in the color you want. The choice depends on your own tastes and preferences and the design style of your place to live.

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If you have an open kitchen on the living room, it is best to choose a color that will be in harmony with the whole interior. To give you some interesting ideas, discover our selection of 25 examples of color kitchen different !

Kitchen color: white is a real classic always elegant

color white kitchen island kitchen wood

Blue is a very nice color. It is suitable for bedrooms and kitchens. It's a light weight and very relaxing colors. It goes well with almost every color. If you want to accentuate it, you can combine it with White .

Kitchen color: blue and white

idea kitchen design blue hanging lamp closet design

Orange is an intense color. If you like this color and you have chosen it for your kitchen, know that it is a color associated with positive effects: creativity, energy, joy! In small doses and shades with white, black or gray, this can be a very elegant choice.

Kitchen color: the orange is lively and invigorating

Modern orange kitchen black design

Bright and soft colors: pretty harmony

color kitchen green yellow idea kitchen island layout pendant light

Kitchen with central island and ripe painted in Marsala

kitchen color marsala idea kitchen island marble wood

Classic style kitchen emphasizing wood and its intense color

kitchen idea layout island central kitchen lamp

Kitchen in gray and yellow

color kitchen lamp hanging design gray yellow idea sink island central

White house kitchen with pink and black accents

idea kitchen design kitchen stool black central island dining table

Black interior kitchen with marble and wood central island

idea color for kitchen stool chair dining table design

Kitchen in colors soft: light blue, green and white

color shade idea for kitchen

Intense blue for more character

color for kitchen idea blue black kitchen island

Beige and yellow for neutral interior

idea color kitchen island central wood extractor hood steel modern

Orange and dark wood

idea kitchen design islet dark wood extractor hood

arrange kitchen idea color blue wood sink

kitchen color trend idea hood suction

kitchen island central idea marble hobs

idea kitchen island central wood light fixture hanging modern stool

kitchen interior modern color idea

modern kitchen green design hood suction idea

idea kitchen central island blue wood

idea modern interior kitchen red design central island wood

idea design kitchen design extractor hood central island flowers

idea color kitchen hanging lamp design

color idea for kitchen stool hanging lamp kitchen island

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