Kitchen Credenza: choose your decoration - 26 cool ideas

credence kitchen idea-original-mirror-effect

Are you looking for ideas for decorating your kitchen space? If your answer is , we invite you to contemplate our beautiful photo gallery kitchen credenza .

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In a kitchen, the credenza design is the part of the wall between the worktop and the high cabinets. You will find different types of coverings and some of them are even decorated with artistic designs. So why not take the opportunity to discover your inspiration?

Credence kitchen super chic!

credenza-kitchen-original-idea-color-black-plaid-rectangular shape,

Look at the picture above! You have a backsplash made using small rectangular tiles, which is full of style and elegance. Use adjustable spots, to emphasize its beauty. The luminaire is an essential element of your space cooked . If you choose it carefully, it can turn into a beautiful decoration of your space. So, do not hesitate! The idea of ​​having a kitchen credenza mirror effect tempting you? You will find, below, more inspiring ideas!

Kitchen credenza highlighted by a beautiful light!


What do you think of a kitchen credenza made of small mosaic-shaped tiles? Look at the picture above! The back splash is simply beautiful! You also have an extractor hood that ensures maximum comfort. Now all you have to do is cook with the greatest pleasure! A similar atmosphere tempts you for your space?

DIY kitchen backrest in pebbles

credenza-kitchen-original-idea-rollers DIY

Silver color kitchen

credenza-kitchen-original-idea-color gloss

Nice backrest with extractor hood for maximum comfort!


Kitchen credenza with rectangular tiles

credenza-kitchen-original-idea-shaped rectangular-tile

Kitchen credenza with floral motifs


Backrest realized with the help of very cute little tiles!


Spacious kitchen in gray color


Highlight the beauty of your kitchen credenza with adjustable spots!




credenza-kitchen-original-idea-gray-tile-shaped, rectangular


Artistic backrest!

credenza-kitchen-idea original artistic

Here is an embroidery effect

credenza-kitchen-DIY-idea original imitation-canvas

Backsplash with river pebbles!


What do you think?

rédence-kitchen-DIY-idea original artistic

The beautiful luminaire - essential element of your kitchen!

credenza-kitchen-original-idea-rectangular tiles

The red color for your backsplash!

credenza-kitchen-original-idea-color-red-table dining chairs

Backrest in green color!


Ideas in blue!


Backrest in dark blue

credenza-kitchen-idea-original-tile-blue rectangular-shaped



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