Kitchen design: discover the best cuisine in the world!

modern kitchen design

You are interested in kitchen design ? In this case, you will certainly appreciate this publication which presents you the best cuisine in the world! This space has been designed by designer Dov Secter from Secter Design who has just won an award for his work.

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As a result of this victory, the kitchen was visited by a team from the American TV channel CBS. It is this visit that has highlighted all the reasons why this interior deserves to be considered the best kitchen in the world.

Kitchen design: a practical space designed by Dov Secter

idea deco kitchens equipped design

Among these reasons is the fact that furniture doors open automatically when touched. These doors also hide many appliances such as a dishwasher, a freezer and, of course, a refrigerator. In short, all the necessary equipment for the development of a modern meal preparation area!

Kitchen design: furniture with automatic doors

modern interiors kitchen design

The central island is equipped with a storage corner that is hidden inside the island and that its creator has named "garage for equipment". This contains a series of small appliances. Finally, the worktop of this remarkable kitchen is equipped with a built-in induction hob and very easy to clean. Check out the rest of the pictures of this interior design here:

Kitchen design: hidden storage in the central island

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Design kitchen equipped with built-in hob

deco idea modern kitchen design

Design kitchen with concealed equipment

pictures kitchen decoration design

Kitchen furniture with automatic doors

unique kitchen design examples

Modern design kitchen furniture

modern design kitchen equipment

Fully equipped kitchen with modern furniture

kitchen equipment

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