Kitchen dining area: how to develop it?

dining area modern kitchen wood central island stool

Have a small kitchen dining area it's always nice! Often, in the morning, we are in a hurry and we would like to have a quick coffee and a breakfast before going on adventures!

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The dining area allows you to have your kitchen nearby and to sit comfortably at a time. If you do not have a dining room, this is a good solution that is very convenient. By installing a central island, you can turn it into a dining area. To give you ideas for kitchen design with dining area or open kitchens on the dining room, we have selected for you 45 examples of different interiors.

Kitchen dining area for small space: elegance and modernity

dining area kitchen idea wood design modern stool green

In the example of this small orange kitchen, the dining area represents a very elegant rustic wooden table. It is decorated with cheese, bread and green vegetables. This table can play several roles. Its installation is a very practical solution for small spaces that sometimes lack functionality.

Kitchenette meal: elegant rustic wooden table

kitchen dining area idea original island table wood

In the example below, we see a modern interior combining colors clear and white. The dining area is indeed a dining area open to the kitchen. The mid-central wooden island is the line that separates the two parts. In this way, when cooking, your guests can sit and keep you company. You will not be isolated anymore! Hooray!

Kitchen dinette: large white table and green wooden chairs

dining area kitchen design wood modern deco

Here is another example of a kitchen with central island in gray and white, open to the dining room. The dining area is furnished with a large wooden table and white chairs. The floor is decorated with a nice rug in white and orange. The white wall on the left, with a 3D effect, adds a touch of modernity. It is a very fresh and contemporary interior.

Modern kitchen dinette decorated with nice floor rug

dining area idea floor rug wooden table design modern kitchen

Do you have an outdoor kitchen? If the answer is positive, have you decided how to decorate the dining area? Here is an example of cooked Outdoor Dining Area: Perfect for coffee or alfresco dining! May the sun shine!

Outdoor kitchen with dining area arranged with table glass

idea dining area glass table design deco flowers

Here is an example of white and wooden kitchen. The dining area is furnished with a medium-sized wooden table. If you run out of space, opt for a foldable, extendable or extendable table. You have a wide selection of small design tables with impressive functionality. Finally, the most important is to dare creativity because you can make your dining area a masterpiece of design.

Table wooden and decoration with fruits and flowers

idea kitchen dinette modern wood island central deco composition frames

Hoping that you will find our 45 inspiring ideas, we wish you a good visit!

Kitchen with dining area consisting of table and wooden benches

dining area kitchen wooden table wooden bench design idea floor mat light gray

Dining area with stools

dining area kitchen idea ilto central wood chair chair

Modern and minimalist interior in white

dining area idea kitchen wood design lighting fixture

Large dining table

kitchen dining room idea original light fixture hanging modern island central design

Small dining table

idea kitchen living room dining area modern wooden table chair blue wood lighting fixture modern

Dining area in a large open room


Stylish central island in white and blue

open kitchen dining room idea central island wood

kitchen dining room dining table idea

idea dining area kitchen white wooden table design

dining area idea kitchen central island

dining area kitchen idea wooden table chair

outside dining area idea

modern kitchen deco idea outdoor wooden table

decoration kitchen red idea kitchen

dining room kitchen idea layout

decoration kitchen idea dining area modern glass table design

exterior furnishing idea terrace dining area

idea dinette design modern kitchen layout dining room

kitchen design dining area idea living room room

wooden table dining room deco armchair beige floor mats

arrange dining area idea

dining area idea wooden table chair

marble table eat kitchen eat-in area

dining area black table design white chair

modern glass design dining table red chair central island pendant light

round table to eat decorating idea

dining room decoration idea dining area

deco dining table idea

Dining area garden idea layout

outdoor dining area idea original metal table modern deco

dining table

kitchen idea design dinette modern coffee table

decoration design dining room dining room chair violet central island hanging lamp

arrangement kitchen idea dining room furniture white wood deco

idea dining area kitchen wooden table wooden bench modern parquet

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