Kitchen idea: 65 interiors that make you dream

white modern kitchen idea

Find a kitchen idea? Nothing is easier with our special folder that contains tips and 60 images of dream kitchens to inspire you! The layout of a kitchen is a business that requires a lot of thought and inspiration.

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If you do not have a cooking idea Specifically, this case can quickly become a puzzle. That is why we have prepared a complete file that presents the basic advice of kitchen design specialists. It is illustrated with 60 pictures of kitchens decorated in different styles that will help you find ideas to make your kitchen beautiful and unique.

Kitchen idea: Scandinavian decoration in white with central island

elegant Scandinavian cooking idea

If you are developing a new kitchen or renovating an existing kitchen, you have probably encountered the classic difficulties that accompany this task. There are so many things to think about where to start to get the best results. Do not worry, because you are not the only ones asking this question. Here are some tips that will help you.

Idea for contemporary cuisine by Bonadies Architect

idea kitchen tile white furniture gray

First, think about the organization of space. In this regard, the specialists speak of a triangle of activity that can be established between the hotplates, the sink and the fridge. Since you will move a lot between these three points, it is necessary to organize the space in such a way that you can move freely between them. To do this, consider arranging these points at an identical distance in your kitchen. You can see several examples of such an organization on our images. Modern kitchens are often equipped with a small island on which can be found the cooking plates, or the sink. The development of an island is, in fact, a practical way to obtain an equal distance between the three most used points in the kitchen.

Ultra modern kitchen idea with central island and dining room by H03

idea white kitchen modern dining room

Second important point: think about storage. The kitchen is a part of the house that is used by the whole family. In the days of the week, we are often in a hurry to prepare a meal and we wish to have quick and easy access to the objects we need. During the weekends, children can join you in the kitchen to prepare family meals. To avoid turning these moments into chaos, plan a lot of storage space for your kitchen. As you can see from our pictures, modern kitchens favor a look with lots of cabinets and cupboards and very few items on the worktop. For a vintage look, you can use some open storage with shelves on the walls.

Kitchen idea in vintage style with bricks and white furniture in Venice

loft kitchens ideas dining room layout

Third, think of the light in your kitchen. The kitchen is a place that needs a lot of light: for the sink, the worktop and the hobs. Even if your kitchen has a source of natural light, consider installing fixtures for all these spaces, as this will make your daily work easier. The modern kitchens we present are all equipped with artificial light sources at these strategic locations. This is what creates a pleasant atmosphere even when decorated in dark colors, such as black or dark wood shades. Extra kitchen idea: for even more light, you can choose a white decoration from Scandinavian style , for example. Find your kitchen idea with our selection of images!

Scandinavian cuisine small space in Hogalid

kitchens small spaces white furniture

Design kitchen with marble worktop


Modern kitchen with multicolored tile wall


Contemporary kitchen in dark gray


Elegant design kitchen in stainless steel

proffessional bar ideas and stools

Small white minimalist kitchen

Scandinavian white kitchen island

Scandinavian kitchen in black with central island

black kitchens design modern furniture

Kitchen in loft in Stockholm

small kitchen furniture white furnishings

Open and bright kitchen with dining room

kitchen idea with modern dining room

Scandinavian kitchen layout in Helsinki

ideas modern kitchens wood table

Kitchen decoration in red and gray with retro tiling

vintage kitchen tiles color scheme

Curva House Open Kitchen Idea with Dining Room

marble kitchens central islands dining room

Open kitchen idea with dining room in Grev Magnigatan

dining rooms and open kitchens

White open kitchen for loft

loft kitchens wooden flooring

Black and bright kitchen in Mount Pleasant

bright kitchens black furniture and wood

Open kitchen idea with modern furniture

white and wood kitchen design furniture

Loft kitchen decoration with central brick island

decoration with brick island central wood

Kitchen cabinet for loft with metal furniture

loft kitchens planning ideas

Modern Kitchen with Black Furniture by Mollison Conversion

kitchen renovation ideas American kitchens design

Kitchen design idea in black in Copenhagen

Scandinavian houses black kitchen layout

White and black kitchen with dining room in Linnegatan

white Scandinavian cuisines ideas

White and Black Kitchen by H3K Design

modern kitchens work plans ideas

Modern kitchen arrangement in green and white with bar of Casa del Viento

modern furniture design kitchens

Open modern kitchen decoration

kitchens with dining room modern furnishings

Modern Kitchen Idea in Industrial Style by Chi Torch Interior Design

interior design of industrial kitchens

Modern kitchen in wood and white in Vincennes

wooden furniture for kitchen modern central island

design kitchens flooring wooden floor

pictures kitchens with bar stools white

islands for kitchen furnishing wooden furniture

wooden Scandinavian kitchen island

original kitchens planning ideas in white

retro industrial decoration for kitchens

kitchens with industrial design bars

metal gray kitchen ideas

wooden design kitchen furniture

stone island kitchen modern decoration

furniture kitchens in blue

modern wood kitchen decorations

interior design solid wood deco

layout small spaces kitchens in white

black marble kitchen decor

kitchen wall cladding stone

renovate design kitchen in black

loft kitchens photos design layout

kitchen metal decorating central island layout

deco wood for contemporary kitchens ideas

contemporary american kitchens deco marble

small kitchens photos central island layout with stools

white kitchen storage and deco design wood

italian decoration ideas kitchens with calles to eat

modern kitchen hoods with bar

kitchens metal wall cladding bricks

wooden furniture for photo kitchens

Kitchen wall credence wall tiles

credence blue kitchen wallcovering

kitchen design ideas for islands in white

modern kitchens with modern island

kitchen decorations industrial style light fixtures

modern ideas of kitchen decoration tables

designer kitchen decorations with modern furniture

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