Kitchen idea with island: perspective, movement, light

idea kitchen with island furniture modern wood

The central island is the living heart of your kitchen. It is an element that opens the space while making it functional and comfortable. It brings a more warm and friendly aspect. It becomes the strategic point of the kitchen.
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In general, it is advisable to opt for a central island for larger and open spaces. A kitchen open to the dining room or living room will be ideal once fitted with a small or large central island. If you want to design your kitchen island, a preliminary calculation of the configuration and the area of ​​the kitchen will be necessary. Today, we will present 48 examples of kitchen idea with island furnished and decorated in a minimalist and contemporary style.

Kitchen idea with minimalist style island in gray

kitchen idea with island modern interior layout

Prepare a good meal for many or share moments with family and friends - the central island will make your room more user-friendly. The more open and accessible the space, the more pleasant the overall atmosphere. By installing an island in your kitchen, you will make moving easier. You do not have to be alone while preparing your meal while your friends or family relax in the living room or wait for you in the dining room for a drink. You can do everything at once: prepare, converse, have fun. In this way your entourage will feel more comfortable to help you in the preparations.

Kitchen idea with island of inspiration Scandinavian

kitchen idea with white island Scandinavian decoration

The central island is strategic. Once installed, it will become the focal point of the layout of your room. You can opt for a small or a large island. It all depends on your needs, your desires and the available space. You have the choice to equip it with drawers and shelves, to create a washing station by installing a sink and a dishwasher. If you wish and the space allows, an integration of hobs and an oven with a basket aspirant is also possible.

White central island with stainless steel extractor hood lighting integrated ceiling

idea kitchen with island Scandinavian furniture Nordic decoration

Optimize, ventilate, expand, partition but without closing or simply give another freedom of development, this is what defines contemporary design. Modern interior design emphasizes the concepts of perspective, movement and light. The central island is not a new invention. He was always very trendy. Do you know what it is? triangle activity "? In general, a kitchen island is built around three zones: preparation zone, washing zone and cold zone.

U-shaped kitchen plan with integrated island

idea kitchen with island contemporary design model u

The size of your island depends on the space available in your kitchen. It can have an oval, square, rectangular or other geometric shape. By placing a bar higher or lower, you can create two different levels. In general, a central island has a height between 85 and 90 cm. Precise calculation of proportions and dimensions is crucial to your kitchen in the best possible way. Hoping that our gallery will inspire you, we wish you a very good visit!

Photo of white kitchen with modern central island

kitchen idea with island design white modern stainless steel

Kitchen decor with island of Scandinavian inspiration

kitchen island gray idea furniture deco wood extractor hood integrated lighting

Modern kitchen with central island

idea kitchen islet central design extractor hood furniture white wood

Brown and white kitchen with large island

U-shaped modern wood design black chair

Modern kitchen with slate color central island

modern interior kitchen black gray design

Kitchen with semi-central island open to the living room

center island design lighting suspension floor mats gray sofa

Minimalist style kitchen with two islands and wall decoration with frames

minimalist design modern kitchen idea island central wall deco

Large kitchen with rectangular island

interior modern kitchen extractor hood floor mats black sliding door

White kitchen interior with wooden furniture open to the dining room

idea kitchen with white island design fixture suspension wood furniture

Large room including kitchen with island, dining room and living room

idea kitchen island central design wood white modern lighting

White central island in a large kitchen

idea kitchen with island design interior white hood suction glass

Stainless steel extractor hood integrated into the ceiling

idea kitchen with island design interior white hood extractor

Black and white kitchen with suspended light fixtures design and decoration with lemons

central island idea kitchen modern minimalist style black and white stool fixture suspension

Small space including kitchen open on the living room

idea open kitchen living room central island design

Central island with sink and black surface

deco kitchen idea island central stool wood design lighting fixture floor mat brown

Washing area, preparation and meal area

central island design white wood kitchen deco sink oven

Kitchen with white extractor hood and design

idea kitchen with central island light blue kitchen

U shaped gray kitchen

central island arrangement kitchen wood idea lighting fixture suspension white chair tiling floor

Original layout idea

central island with dining area idea design sink white furniture

Simple central island with suspended lamp

modern kitchen fixture suspension design deco

Rectangular central island

central island black rectangular modern design extractor lemons

Central island in beige and brown in contemporary interior

kitchen idea layout island central wood open room

Large central island with integrated sink

central island kitchen modern white sink stainless steel fixture

kitchen with central island design idea lighting stainless steel extractor hood

central island kitchen area washing idea planning sink

kitchen black and white central island parquet suspended luminaire

kitchen idea with rectangular island design

central island lighting wood design suspended luminaire

hanging kitchen island central white design sink wall chart

designer kitchen with center island interior white oven hob

kitchen island central stool leather idea kitchen hood

modern kitchen black white sofa deco idea extractor hood

modern kitchen brown wood extractor hood lighting

kitchen design island central marble lighting original modern furniture

idea kitchen design design lighting suspension wood

minimalist style design central island modern black white stool

lighting design suspension wood idea furniture deco stool

modern interior kitchen extractor hood black sink

kitchen interior white modern design stool idea

kitchen idea with island island italian black design island

white kitchen design island luminaire suspension orange

idea kitchen with central island design kitchen idea modern fixture suspension

idea kitchen with central island design kitchen idea layout

idea kitchen with island tile wall kitchen bright central island modern hood suction

idea kitchen with island kitchen interior design idea island central wood

idea kitchen with island kitchen Scandinavian wood minimalist design central island extractor hood

kitchen idea with island extractor hood stainless steel wood furniture design chair wooden table

idea kitchen with island kitchen design idea layout lighting modern suspension

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